so there is someone that a lot of people here retoot that I have had a major problem with in the past and I'm not sure whether I want to block him or to try burying the hatchet and move past how he did me wrong 15 years ago.

@fluffy I was a pretty horrible dude to folks online fifteen years ago and while in some cases I think the best thing I can do is just try to stay out of their lives rather than to try to push an apology on them, I'm grateful to the folks who've given me an opportunity to rebuild friendships I thought I'd cratered in my twenties

@wolfteeth @astolpho in this case he's a bit of a social media darling who gave no fucks about the harassment I received via his platform. He just blamed me for attracting it and looked the other way under the guise of "free speech."

@fluffy @astolpho oh yuck. well, if seeing him around bugs you, nothing wrong with just mute/blocking without looking back

@wolfteeth @astolpho well I also sorta hope I can maybe reconcile things and find out he regrets how things went or something. I want to give him an opportunity to have changed.

@astolpho @wolfteeth okay saw one too many boosted tweets from him criticizing people for the very same thing he did to me, so. muted.

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