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@Ferrovore @irisjaycomics like im all for ppl bein excited for a holiday but also Im Sorry Wrong Friend Theres no fat tuesday consumer rush

@hi_cial @irisjaycomics @Ferrovore it depends on where you live. where i grew up in michigan getting paczki on fat tuesday was a big deal, and it was basically secular. the supermarket in the next town over had a paczki-eating contest. where i live now, nobody even knows what paczki is

@wolfteeth @Ferrovore @hi_cial i'd never heard of paczki before googling them just now and i'm ashamed that the polish side of my family never told me about these

@irisjaycomics @Ferrovore @hi_cial they're like 1500 calories each and truly amazing

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@irisjaycomics @wolfteeth @hi_cial @Ferrovore Here it's celebrated on Monday, Tuesday is for eating salted mutton in bean soup.

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