@hi_cial @irisjaycomics @Ferrovore i mean everyone in michigan does this. i was pretty shocked to find out it isn't done elsewhere in the US

@hi_cial @irisjaycomics @Ferrovore it depends on where you live. where i grew up in michigan getting paczki on fat tuesday was a big deal, and it was basically secular. the supermarket in the next town over had a paczki-eating contest. where i live now, nobody even knows what paczki is

@rey i was afraid you'd say that. i'm so mad about this shit that it has actively ruined my evening, haha

@rey that's the million dollar question. i don't even have time to debug this tonight. i was expecting to be done with it like 5 hours ago, having allotted for it to take... an hour or so

@rey i think the issue may be in docker-compose itself, or maybe AWS is having "bad network conditions." it says http requests are timing out if i try db:migrate or assets:precompile

just fyi, i moved my main over to @wolfteeth, which is the best place to find me for now. at least at times when i am not utterly failing at the job of running an instance, haha. i like .social but i kinda prefer a smaller community! just personally.

Calm down, you're ruining the Don Knotts film festival. There's no reason to turn The Incredible Mr. Limpet into The Incredible Mr. Shitfit

@Ferrovore one thing i've found kinda cool at least is since the instances are all separate servers, it's easy enough to open them in browser tabs. it is kinda nice to see how each instance can be a different world!

if any mutuals wanna join, sign up and toss me your email address so i can enable your account

i set up an instance - dunno how well it'll scale even for small numbers of users but! i'm over at @wolfteeth

@rey i'd even settle for a way to set up mastodon to accept a blacklist or whitelist, and let admins share those lists via importable files. maybe that would soothe the folks worried about centralization

@rey and it'd be cool if the basic mastodon software synced with it so admins could switch between "unfiltered federation" vs. "whitelisted instances"

@rey i kinda dig this idea, or something like it. and no one could stop someone from federating with groups outside the whitelist, but if you're on the whitelist you agree to some base-level good behavior TOS

@idesofmerch i had to read this three times to get it right but girl, it's good

@fluffy @astolpho oh yuck. well, if seeing him around bugs you, nothing wrong with just mute/blocking without looking back

@srol i would say night in the woods but that's all hanging out with old friends in your decaying hometown and pointedly not accomplishing anything

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