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i spent my evening making a simple static html page for the first time in years and it is in fact profoundly satisfying

@snoozlebee @DirkGrundy i loved the dynamic between him and kai winn. two power-hungry assholes trying to play each other in a way that's transparent to everyone except themselves

@DirkGrundy @snoozlebee i kinda disliked the pah-wraith stuff, at least on my first pass. i like petty douchebag evil better than world-destroyer evil

@snoozlebee there was definitely a point where i was like "oh the villain of this series is... pathetic???? well now he's my favorite forever"

@snoozlebee i think that might be my favorite episode even though it's not the best one

look, despite what the trolls are saying, the only reason i called benjamin sisko last night was to make sure he knows i've been lifting weights and looking very cool while doing it

As an aside:

Being a community moderator means occasionally removing people whose sole offense is being an obnoxious turd. It doesn't matter if they've broken the rules if their presence drives people away. Letting them stick around is just as damaging as being capricious and LART-happy.

Don't let assholes stink the place up.

only after i ended my experiment with having a land line has my alma mater decided to start making unsolicited calls to my cell phone

My 1-Bit Clicker Jam game, Hit The Motherlode, is uploaded! Some notes:
- The game is a little buggy and very incomplete
- A finished version should be coming later this year, for a hot $0
- It is still my child and I am very proud of it

again, I hand my labour–gratis–to our building honouring Mrs. B. Ross. visitors insist on asking if flag-fucking is alright. buddy, upstairs won’t allow MY fucking it

The first person to build a multi-account Mastodon client will be sainted

@tinzin @Raccoon federation is the part that's most confusing though. i found out remote followers don't see private toots, because of concerns about how remote instances might not support privacy settings. if you mention someone in a private/direct toot, it WILL send to their instance, with those risks. i'd like that all clarified in the docs!

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