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my dog licked my pants right on the knee and he will be prosecuted for his crimes
wow, the #japan'ese illustration-sharing website #Pixiv started an instance.

Is this officially the first instance started by a company? @Gargron

i kind of want to do a little illustrated PSA about mastodon, federation, and privacy to share what i've figured out by asking around and reading docs over the last few weeks. none of it was self-evident. i'd love to see each instance include an FAQ page for new users, explaining the details in a way non-tech people can understand

this is a pretty solid article about the security/privacy caveats with mastodon. (i don't think any of them are that bad as long as you understand them.)

alternate subtitle: "consumers simply don't have a choice"

Co-worker: How do you know this?
Me, internally: Don't say because you were a staff member at a Sonic the Hedgehog forum in 2002.

My review of @Gargron's Mastodon is up on PCMag! It felt weird to assign a number and metrics to a work in progress, but I think the review itself highlights all the best aspects of ol' Masto.

Interestingly, it gets the same score as Twitter did when it launched a decade ago. :thinking:

Me: I found an old Earth movie I think I'll love.
Keiko: I don't care.
Me: It's called the Transporter! The know? Like, my job...
Keiko: Miles I'm taking the children to Bajor

you: freedom isn't free! god bless our troops. me: librefreedom v1.1 is no longer being maintained due to lack of community interest

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