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This picture has ruined my life.
It's not a composite.
This is one image, one set, designed to look like it's divided into four.

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The latest Sci-Hub working domain(Last check time:Thu, 29 Aug 2019 17:13:02 GMT)

Please retweet to your friends,help us become stronger!

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This is a black and white photograph. Only the lines have colour.

What you β€œsee” is what your 🧠 predicts the reality to be, given the imperfect information it gets.

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Want to help to stop the madness of car-centrism?
It is simple!

Start crossing the road like this. Reveal the inherent design flaw of the iron cage...

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This is @ElsevierConnect@twitter.com denying me access to an article that *I* co-wrote, published in a journal for which I served as editor-in-chief and still serve on its editorial board. Kind of symbolic of the whole publishing eco-system, isn't it?

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is embedding tracking data inside photos you download.

I noticed a structural abnormality when looking at a hex dump of an image file from an unknown origin only to discover it contained what I now understand is an IPTC special instruction. Shocking level of tracking..

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Hourly capacity of car-oriented street
hourly capacity of multimodal street
via Global Street Design Guide / NACTO

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What people die from, What they Google, What the media covers.....

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Never judge others, unless you have walked in their πŸ‘ž πŸ‘ž!

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Wie wollen wir unsere kΓΌnftige Arbeitswelt aus Sicht der arbeitenden Menschen gestalten? Der 2019 zum Thema "Was tun? und in der digitalen Welt" am 14. Juni im Linzer liefert Antworten. bit.ly/2W63QcI

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HOW CAN WE MAKE CITIES MORE LIVEABLE USING ? This is the simple yet central question fuelling BLOXHUB Interactive symposium in May 21.-22.! (prix.bloxhub.org/program)
For tickets➑️ tickets.prix.bloxhub.org
@BLOXHUBdk@twitter.com @AlexandraInst@twitter.com @ArsElectronica@twitter.com @Realdaniadk@twitter.com

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How is your city prioritizing space for people walking and biking?

Illustration by Karl Jilg

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My daughter found me while I was sleeping, took my phone out of my pocket, used my face to unlock my phone, texted mom to ask her for the pool code (as me), then took this selfie. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. @netragard@twitter.com

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Oracle Sales: Hello. Could we interest you in a "Non-publicly available, critical update"?

"Without proper licensing ... [leaves] your environment exposed and vulnerable" 😱😱😱

What a steaming hot dumpster fire.

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