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This utter crap is being distributed through schools from the 'local authority' so presume @WalsallCouncil@twitter.com today. The level of disinformation is staggering. I'd be proud to find my kids learning to use any of these. Except Discord but that's nothing to do with hacking.

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99 smartphones are transported in a handcart to generate virtual traffic jam in Google Maps. Through this activity, it is possible to turn a green street red which has an impact in the physical world by navigating cars on another route! simonweckert.com/googlemapshac

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Mind-blowing size comparison of astronomical bodies, from the Moon to the biggest stars ever discovered.

Credit: morn1415. Full video: bit.ly/2GCPP0d

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Jetzt live: »3D Time of Flight Safety Cameras« youtu.be/uvesYRazv4M Tech-Brunch #8 @grandgarage_eu@twitter.com

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Another flaw in human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.

—Kurt Vonnegut

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Math with augmented reality

By @brzezinski_math@twitter.com

Cc: @RenatoMunari@twitter.com @ingliguori@twitter.com
@mvollmer1@twitter.com @jblefevre60@twitter.com @sallyeaves@twitter.com @LindaGrass0@twitter.com @enricomolinari@twitter.com @GlenGilmore@twitter.com

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Wir starten mit hello world ins neue Jahr! 🥳Am Fr. 24.1. von 14-17:30 geht's los im mit Roboter programmieren für alle von 8 - 12. Zusätzlich bieten wir die Workshops jetzt auch in der Stadtbibliothek an und bald auch in ! bit.ly/2NvUN2A

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Are you a fan of ham radio, amateur radio or engineering in general? then you should participate at the "Ham Radio Newcomer Meeting Linz 2020" at GRAND GARAGE, hosted by ÖVSV📡

🎙️ find more infos here:
🎙️ or in our facebook event:

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"how many servers could it take to turn on a light bulb lol"

Philips: hold my beer

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TECH BRUNCH #6 in der @grandgarage_eu@twitter.com: Open-Source Software Entwicklung in der Smart Factory

Stream: youtube.com/watch?v=aLa_Vpn-HG


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Google has +114,000 employees.


Google’s 6th employee films a video tour of the company’s garage office:

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There's an interesting story doing the rounds about the Raspberry Pi 4 WiFi not working at higher HDMI resolutions. I had a quick look with a HackRF & near-field probe and there's definitely a big spike that stamps right on channel 1

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hard drives are basically radios (with ~1GHz of baseband bandwidth) that talk only to themselves; there's everything, time/space synchronization symbols, AGC training preamble, Viterbi detection/equalization, LDPC decoding, they even do MIMO these days!

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