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Microsoft is using Github moderation tools to bully people that are correctly using Github to call attention to their attempt to bully another FOSS project.

Interesting blog post by Tim.
He went through, two advanced civilizations and shares a good message with you.

So Apple just threw the baby out with the bathwater and killed offline web apps (unless you’re cool with all your data being deleted if you don’t use an app for a week). You’d almost think they had an App Store to promote or something.


covid-19, immunity, birdsite thread 

> Probably as many as 40% of humans will be exposed to COVID19 over the next 2-3 years, judging from past pandemics. Not everyone will actually get it. Only some (probably <1.0%) of those who get it will die. The rest will recover. And, almost all of them will be immune. 2/

> But we don’t know how long this immunity lasts. For some diseases (like polio or chickenpox), you are basically immune for the rest of your life. But for many others, that’s not the case. This is a complicated area in immunology. 3/

Thread is 37 messages, diagrams start at 23.…

Hi all! This is a call to action for those who would like to help with their accessibility skills, or learn them while working on a not too complex web front-end. The quite popular Jitsi Meet web frontend has some accessibility issues which are preventing people with disabilities like me to participate in many meetings. These issues are low-hanging fruit. So if you would like to to do something good that really helps a lot of people and has big impact, here‘s the issue:

TIL there's an accumulator function named accu in picolisp.

I was strugling to implement a similar solution in lisp code for 3 days. My previous word frequency code would have been much simpler had i known before.

What they say about learning: Different ways to solve a problem finding the most optimal solution.

On forth:

"Thoughts on Forth Programming

This is an attempt to describe my understanding of Forth philosophy
and some of its attributes that make it in my opinion particularly
interesting, together with things I find important about the language and
its use."


Being mindful of the site owner not direct linking to gateaway.

Click the standard version then paste the gopher link & click go.

Privacy shouldn't be a luxury. We’ve joined with @privacyint and over 50 other orgs to ask Google to take action against the exploitative practices of pre-installed apps.

Read the letter & add your voice:

I cannot edit but the correct link is clicking the one in that post takes you to a strange social network or something, avoid that one...

Show thread it's surprise me feature suggested this interesting website: Interesting old website i wouldn't have found another way.

Recommend clicking around the evil section of that toasty site. Explore later.

Tried installing Lineage OS on two different phones today. Turned out neither was really possible while having a reasonably recent version.

Android derivatives are so... weird. Having to build a whole "image" to start your world with? It's a nightmare.

I can still install GNU/Linux on machines that are 15 years old and they still generally boot and run. And I don't need to build a separate "installer" per machine.

How the fuck did phones get THIS BAD.

life update, request for funds 

1: Phone service is out where I live, meaning so is the DSL, until further notice.

2: A pipe burst in the unit above mine. Thankfully, my room was spared the worst of it and I have somewhere to stay for the immediate future.

I am disabled and unemployed, only able to live where I do because I'm in a low-income unit with my stepdad. My life is hard enough, and we all know how money makes it easier. If you have any cash to spare:

If it's made with Public Money, it should be Public Code.

A campaign by the FSFE. Please sign it and invite others to do so.


Someone had wrote a video editor mode for named . Now i truly believe there's nothing you can't do in it. Like a mastodon mode for example.

the idea of this being a scam is baffling to me. who would scam you for $20 worth of groceries other than someone who actually needs $20 worth of groceries???


Do good recklessly.


U.S. Fascism, personal, FRIENDS: read this

As of today, the feds can detain anyone who can't prove their residency. Due to actions the state took against me under the last administration, I cannot prove my residency.

I've been arrested, detained, and SWATted all before. I'm not worried about it happening again. What I'm worry about is this time, so many people are being detained that I won't have as easy a time getting out. 1/n

open source software development advice 


Follow-on -> If you spend vast amounts of time developing a piece of sofware, and decide to opensource it, and put it up on or Gitlab or Github or wherever, consider putting 3/4 of an hour into writing clear, plain english instructions as to how to install it that do not require an esoteric knowledge of ruby, or python or whatever to install it.
Otherwise your'e losing at least 60% of your potential base.

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