vent, self hurty ideurty 

artists who title all of their furaffinity posts just as numbers scare me

spiritfarer is going to make me bawl isnt it

i really hope other people are still reading webcomics now that I keep forgetting to

Happy father's day; I'm sure you tried your best

TF2 console players are the most oppressed minority of all

some people are like r/childfree for dogs/cats

woob: I can't wait to see who my new Mastodon notification is from! I love hearing from people :)

Kayleigh69 at freedom eagle dot social:

the combine assassin enemy just looks like someone did those Brawl moveset swaps except with half life

I found firefox working on youtube with a Chrome user agent yesterday but I guess Google ended up finding out so now it doesnt

i am going to make a capybara fursona :)

hey mastodon I have a great new feature suggestion

jesus christ I saved a webpage of me winning an argument on facebook as a teen

looking through my old backed up computer files

this is on the product page... .for a usb 3.0 PCIe expansion card...

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