pretty fucked up of "circle" to have both pronunciations of c in one word

Mastodon should have multiple nested content warnings so then u can make a twine game with the buttons


at this point picking some random animal's probably-misunderstood social structures to try and explain human gender and social dynamics should probably just be made a civil offense

If there ever was a perfect game, A Short Hike has to be one of them

I just had to reboot my neighbor's TV remote.

we cannot allow technology to continue any longer

pack it up, it's anprim time

hey how's it going on this side of the fence

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trying to use BiCยฎ White-Out as nail polish. will keep you all updated

type "./configure --help" in an Autotools projects and a bunch of files flicker in and out on my file manager.

I think I can feel my eye twitching

uspol, covid 19 

just wrote nearly 500 words to tell some random friend on facebook that an editorial saying to reopen the country is wrong and yet i can't even write the first sentence of my finals essay

pleased to see that as a community we have collectively agreed to forget ralsei being white at the end of deltarune

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