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i run a little bit loose with my CWs on here so if i've left anything untagged definitely feel more than free to ask 🌸

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And, by the way, if you haven't heard of him, Kruggsmash is an *extremely* good channel. His videos and illustrative art make Dwarf Fortress both accessible, and really entertaining to watch

and it's what got me to finally get over the learning curve and start playing this wild ass game until 4am every night (please help)

How in hell did Kruggsmash, a youtube channel all about an obtuse, 12 year old text-based roguelike, just start taking off now of all times

either way i am super here for it

hey if u secretly slip estrogen pills into all the conservatives' drinks at star bucks are you serving them hrt chocolate

I think one thing Vine had going for it was, the site's structure really led to a way less negativity-obsessed brand of entertainment

7 seconds really doesn't owe itself very well to "top ten WORST" lists or 20 minute long "why Steven Universe is TRASH" video essays or political dunks

so, while it wasn't entirely perfect, you really see a lot more of people just having genuine fun, often times with family and friends, and often times in really positive ways

You dont really get that on Youtube

ahhh my favorite dark souls boss...... the hellsite dragon

*does the mariya takeuchi plastic love hair flip*

this thing is practically impossible to operate with a keyboard, lord jesus

the GTK3 file selector dialog has me saying "you're fucking kidding me" out loud in my apartment

id software has had some of the most genius goddamn programmers in the world yet they couldn't port classic doom to modern systems as anything other than a lazy-ass sloppy DOSBox wrap what the hell

hey what if there was a roguelike that taught you han script / kanji by using it for the game's items/creatures

hey remember how fullmetal alchemist was a good anime

my super hero name is "slush puppie"

Public opinion towards Fallout 76 is one of the wildest rollercoaster rides I've ever experienced

please enjoy this very powerful image.

Its simplicity as well means it's a game that you can pick up after like a year of not playing it and still have just as much of a blast as when you left off (Like I just did)

also its like 5 bucks p le a se play i t

The fact that the Devil Daggers is so small and repetitive is really part of what makes it great

The enemy spawns and timing are the the same every single time you play. It's all about slowly climbing up and mastering one single, deterministic level.

And in a game where even lasting sixty seconds in the arena is an achievement (at first!), its something you can easily play go at anywhere from five hours to just five minutes

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