If there ever was a perfect game, A Short Hike has to be one of them

I just had to reboot my neighbor's TV remote.

we cannot allow technology to continue any longer

pack it up, it's anprim time

hey how's it going on this side of the fence

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trying to use BiC® White-Out as nail polish. will keep you all updated

type "./configure --help" in an Autotools projects and a bunch of files flicker in and out on my file manager.

I think I can feel my eye twitching

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The official artwork for Super Mario Sunshine depicts Yoshi as being green. However, in the game, Yoshi only turns green when running out of juice, a few seconds before disintegrating. Thus, somewhat morbidly, the official art depicts Yoshi as being seconds away from death. t.co/zyQgWagj58

uspol, covid 19 

just wrote nearly 500 words to tell some random friend on facebook that an editorial saying to reopen the country is wrong and yet i can't even write the first sentence of my finals essay

pleased to see that as a community we have collectively agreed to forget ralsei being white at the end of deltarune

don't know how to implement a state machine cause i'm an anarchist :(

i want to be a wise old internet sage who gives you comforting advice and food items that look questionable, but in an endearingly idiosyncratic sage way

i changed my name to something on one IRC network recently, and someone came up to me because they thought I was someone who had gone missing from their life for a long time, who had the same name as the one l picked

i still feel sad about it

i feel even sadder that i was able to register that nickname for myself.

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I was near to a Table. How incredibly interesting!

— Ineth Tetóthber, outpost liaison

SSL/TLS (Secure Snuggle Layer / Transport Layer Snuggling)

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