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Because the raisins fall to the bottom of the box, every first bowl of Raisin Bran is an exercise in disappointment -- All bran, no raisin.

But when we have reached our bounteous harvest that we call the bottom of the box, we have long forgotten the flaky famine from which have risen

all the way until the next box comes to humble us once more

and, so it goes.

Raisin Bran is an exercise in forgetting the transgressions of our past.

Using real life brands in furry art is odd because I'm no fan of branding and product placement normally, but

it also seems to give it a stronger attachment to the world that we live in and kinda thins the barrier a good bit, there

Hey FTL?

in what goddamn world are asteroids considered incendiary munitions

one of the funnest parts of FTL is wondering what the point of even upgrading your engines was while your enemy hits every single shot they fling at you

FTL doesn't have a risk vs. reward system. It has a risk vs. risk system.

im giggling now because a dwarf named "Kogsac" wants to join my fortress

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Being harsh about online thesauruses Show more

(Jazztronauts is a really good multiplayer gmod mode with cute furry cats and nonbinary representation)

(its free if u have gmod)

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dwarf fortress is starting to look a bit more like Hacker News

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