You rebalance your load. Movement is defficult.

I wanna cuddle up under a chainmail blanket

I'm going to get a purple ball for my trackball so I can be both ergonomic and gay

just now realized how fuckin dumb i am for peeling the stickers off bananas before eating them

you ever hear the song you want to guide you to the other side

there was a yellow shirt in there that i liked though and I still want it back

i would say that losing a hamper of laundry after i accidentally left it in a municipal parking lot was the beginning of my slow path to acceptance of the eventual ephemerality of all things

we are all beautiful sandcastles in the tide of this world

i get knocked down
but i get up again
but i get knocked down, again
but i get up again

where would human society be without paulstretch


i think we've reached the point where the dialects of boomers and millennials have become mutually unintelligible

Discord please I dont need to be notified every time someone leaves a group call from a year ago

every time i listen to Small Red Boy i swear im not gonna cry and every time i make a fool of myself

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