lol the second amazon result for de beauvoir's "the ethics of ambiguity" is satre's "being and nothingness" followed by "the woman destroyed" maybe she was on to something

what are you all using for default `git` branches other than `master`?

this is the kind of project you just know loves to welcome pull requests

had my first jitsi experience. it wasn't great, but i want to believe

Chicago, 1886: radical workers violently protest for an eight-hour workday. Commemorated by International Workers' Day.

Chicago, 2020: housebroken workers protest for a return to work, where they will contract COVID-19. Commemorated by virtual funerals, brought to you by Zoom.

@vogon what do you use for crossposting to Twitter? I’d like to crossshitpost but am also too lazy to do the research

I think I’m becoming a platonist send help

this might be a silly question, but is there a robot9000 script i can use to check whether my unoriginal ideas have been posted on the fediverse?

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