had my first jitsi experience. it wasn't great, but i want to believe

Chicago, 1886: radical workers violently protest for an eight-hour workday. Commemorated by International Workers' Day.

Chicago, 2020: housebroken workers protest for a return to work, where they will contract COVID-19. Commemorated by virtual funerals, brought to you by Zoom.

@vogon what do you use for crossposting to Twitter? I’d like to crossshitpost but am also too lazy to do the research

I think I’m becoming a platonist send help

Qantas airlines, see Australia before we destroy it

this might be a silly question, but is there a robot9000 script i can use to check whether my unoriginal ideas have been posted on the fediverse?

this is the first thing you see when entering your date's apartment wwyd

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