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Introducing myself:

I'm a 44 year old , , and woman. I write realistic, kinky, queer erotica (at, and I like to think I'm helping to make the world a better place. I'm going to grad school to be a mental health counselor.

Other topics of interest include: polyamory and destroying capitalism.

I'm moving over to @wordscanbesexy because is just too much for me

nsfw, graphic queer erotica 

im not trying to start a fight or anything but i would like one (1) titty in my mouth please

this is what happens to people who post untagged porn

@Mmysblushingbaby we should probably move the flirty toots out of someone else's replies

Idiots be like "Wizards dont need to unionize"

My aura smiles and never frowns. Soon I will 8e president.

How to reply to a boy hitting on you:
- Bold of you to asume I won't make the void swallow you if you try anything.
- I'm an old soul trapped in this human flesh waiting for the end of times.
- You're perfect for the human sacrifice I must perform each new moon.
- Sorry, the void is calling me.
- My name can't be pronounced by a mere mortal.
- I don't have a phone. This? This is just alien tech, a concealed weapon to stole souls.
- Sorry, my soul is busy,
- Your flesh shall burn upon the touch of mine.
- If I talk to you any longer my teeth will fall off.
- Don't, mortal.
- I don't need more souls to consume, you must leave me alone.

My pain level is at an 8/10 today and I just want to stop feeling.

if you're even moderately nice to me for like 0.5 seconds I'd like to let you know that I fucking lOVE you and nothing's ever gonna change that send gush toot

Can I sell my soul to Satan in exchange of getting rid of my mental health issues? If so, how?

i've been telling my friends we should just move to the moon because the moon is a lesbian and she will protect us, the gays

Memo: It has come to the attention of management that some of you in the fediverse aren’t gay. Please remember that it is the official policy of mastodon that being gay is mandatory. Thank you for your time.

Good morning, mastadonts. I mean 'good' in the 'best wishes' sense because my head is still in the 'wtf?! Trauma recovery' mode from last night, but still... Good morning

It's anti semetic that I'm not popular during Hanukkah just like the rest of the year

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