7 Jun 1954 computer genius Alan Turing, who also helped the Allies win World War II, died by suicide shortly after being given the choice between prison or chemical castration as punishment for homosexuality

@workingclasshistory this is not entirely true. at the very least, this is a misleading way of stating the facts

@rugk @workingclasshistory this makes it sound like they gave him a choice between imprisonment or chemical castration, and he was so distraught by this he ate a poison apple as some kind of statement of protest.

the facts point more towards him accepting chemical castration, him living for two more years, ans then accidentally killing himself in the course of a scientific experiment.

@rugk @workingclasshistory of course, the facts aren’t totally unambiguous here, it could still have been suicide motivated by the hormones. nobody knows for sure.

I hate pedophiles. 

@Emperor1 @workingclasshistory "Harmless" you psychopath you. Go back to NAMBLA. Go back to your twitter echo chamber. They will accept you trying to make harming children the same fight as wanting to not be killed because one just happens to want consensual sex with an adult of the same gender. When you try and pull off shit like this you make everyone look bad. It doesn't make you look less sick, it just makes people like me look dangerous for simply existing. Fuck you.

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