Why did screamo become a catch-all term for rock music with screamed vocals?

What Zarathustra says in Thus Spoke Zarathustra about resistance being slave-like behavior makes me even angrier about the fact that I feel compelled to resist in the first place.

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This is similar to how people recklessly fashjacket others. I recommend reading the theory of your enemies. As Sun Tzu said, it is best to know yourself and your enemy.

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People sometimes refer to anarchists who happen to be capitalists as "anarcho-capitalists" (Elon Musk comes to mind here) but this shows a misunderstanding of anarcho-capitalism. I'm not an ancap, but I've read plenty of the theory, and it is impossible to be one without believing in the non-aggression principle.

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Why, liberty of the press is only permission of the press, and the state never will or can voluntarily permit me to grind it to nothingness by the press.
-- Max Stirner

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So I've finally decided to make a mastodon account. If you're interested in seeing content from an anarchist perspective that is more indebted to Nietzsche, Stirner, and Novatore than Kropotkin, Chomsky, or Bookchin, you would do well to follow me here. I'm here to forge new alliances with others who might join me in my mischief. This platform seems promising, so we'll see how this goes.


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