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So if anyone has a friend and they think they're nonbinary, or a family member, whoever. If you believe in having some sort of service to humanity, how about not leaving anyone out? How about you don't tell me who I am and I don't tell you who you are supposed to be for me? And we'll just let you know who we are right now.

signed with a kiss 💋

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I'm wondering what underground activity I'd be best at.

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This is all about narcissism. And not the usual definition. The inability to recognize the other in yourself, to reject the other and refuse to take them as a part of yourself. In a bi-reality of suffering, anxiety, isolation, and loneliness that only now is the world forced to see, will you realize the other isn't someone to turn a blind eye too?

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I think everyone has multiple personalities, they just don't know it. For me personally, I like to give people different moods, and I move through them gracefully and effortlessly. But what I think people need to understand is that we are all BROKEN. The day you are born you fracture, you go through a process to individuate yourself from the identity you had that was singular with your birthing person . But not everything is trauma, a fracture can occur from something sublime...

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I just want to put this out there so I don't have to answer these questions anymore.

I'm not interested in being anonymous, I'm not.

My name is worldofpeace. There's no such thing as a REAL NAME, it's only "What's your name?".

I don't put everything about myself out there, it's not my style. I'm interested in connection.

Don't concern yourself with my appearance, the body is just a vessel. Why do you have to attach an image to me?

Love 💖️ worldofpeace

Me explaining my gender to the lonely bois 

U see, I'm basically just a huge bitch and you shouldn't cross me
periodt. But if you must address me I'm not a girl or a dude bro. Now show me your finger piano.

OMG let me apply the lip tint.
Perhaps I'm just attracted to cosmetics

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I literally crush uncontrollably and transform into a school girl and start fawning 😳 *blushes

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Okay, so on affection again. I guess I might just make an alt to compliment pretty boys on their hair and eyeshadow

OMG, it's like soo cooling. Like cooling. Like it has such a cooling touch. Like on the application it has this cooling effect. Like on the skin. Very cooling ooh? Wow

like as a society we have feminized literally all forms of basic physical self-care and demonized boys who use makeup or paint their nails because uwu homophobia strawman
the result is that boys are constantly discouraged from being pretty in any way and this should be a crime tbh we live in a society

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I will always appreciate for pushing a culture of kind code reviews. I always try to remember to include appreciation and encouragement in my reviews now. Thanks Avi!

People alter pride flags all the damn time for all sorts of reasons, usually for like personal aesthetics and I never see anyone get up in arms over that.

But white trans folk getting loud over black trans folk altering a flag for themselves specifically? And then having the gall to get up on their soap box about how it erases nonbinary people entirely??? Look at me being non-black indigenous nonbinary and unbothered because my black trans siblings wanna be included too

This whole flag thing feels like one of those times when it's productive for white folks to slow down, listen, and reflect.

happy birthday to every nonbinary person

Slowly getting closer, fixing spacing, rounding out those corners. Lots of little things to align still, but the new stylesheet is coming together :)

For my Black Trans Homies, a flag created by Raquel Willis

and for the Black homies who wanna celebrate #internationalnonbinaryday

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