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So if anyone has a friend and they think they're nonbinary, or a family member, whoever. If you believe in having some sort of service to humanity, how about not leaving anyone out? How about you don't tell me who I am and I don't tell you who you are supposed to be for me? And we'll just let you know who we are right now.

signed with a kiss 💋

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This is all about narcissism. And not the usual definition. The inability to recognize the other in yourself, to reject the other and refuse to take them as a part of yourself. In a bi-reality of suffering, anxiety, isolation, and loneliness that only now is the world forced to see, will you realize the other isn't someone to turn a blind eye too?

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I think everyone has multiple personalities, they just don't know it. For me personally, I like to give people different moods, and I move through them gracefully and effortlessly. But what I think people need to understand is that we are all BROKEN. The day you are born you fracture, you go through a process to individuate yourself from the identity you had that was singular with your birthing person . But not everything is trauma, a fracture can occur from something sublime...

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I just want to put this out there so I don't have to answer these questions anymore.

I'm not interested in being anonymous, I'm not.

My name is worldofpeace. There's no such thing as a REAL NAME, it's only "What's your name?".

I don't put everything about myself out there, it's not my style. I'm interested in connection.

Don't concern yourself with my appearance, the body is just a vessel. Why do you have to attach an image to me?

Love 💖️ worldofpeace

i tried vrchat for exactly 9 minutes and found the femboy avatars. you are all done for

they told me i could become anything so i became a nerd a junkie and a slut
'no not like that' they scream,

Like lately, I've collecting all the old tomogotchis. These advanced one's, IDK, they don't really get me? They always look at me funny whenever I play girls generation, like okay, maybe not all day electronica tektonics pyrotechicals isn't my thing okay?! Like let me live. these new one's have such hard taste in music. Anyways, I'm not sure if I should get into knitting.

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Though, by morning I'll will be a geometric solid again. I just kinda do it for fun I guess?

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It's time to retire to my crucible to extract my essence

@pagrus non-euclidean curves that invade your mind, unbidden and unwelcome.

hot singles near you
lurking in the shadows
formless, faceless

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> please excuse me as i slip into something more comfortable
> *fades from existence*

@ItsMorgan 'if you can firmly associate yourself with any Word i am skeptical of you' do Not trust Words

Fate secured 🌕.
No place is barren, you have the ability to change it with your presence because you can transform yourself. If you can transform yourself, you transform others! Don't lock yourself away either.

This is that HBA show when the models really walked like the rent was due and they need to rush cuz the train was in fact still running. we need to catch the express now.

I dunno how with just phrasing it could be so virtuous and vulnerable, and at the same time still offering us love time and time again. 💗It has no bounds, and with the greatest memory of what we're all seeking till the moment we go to sleep. Still trying to remember, what does it feel like?

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