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anyway look at my carrd for more places to follow me for mastodons inevitable demise..
place im active most other than here is on tumblr tho

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promo time..
im gum!
- got oppressed for my peepee jorts tweet and caused a revolution
- got banned from .berries for fighting a truscum apologist and making a balls joke
- the first banned from for saying p*dos should die causing quiet diaperbottom to add the rule not to make threats about murdering p*dos

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posts i made before i got banned from to show that i was banned for saying negative things about p*dos (in order from post time)

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apparently the admin has deleted their new rules so heres a reminder of their baffling stupidity!

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uhm.. girls.. did you know..
oh, oops.. hehe.. my peepee fell out of my jorts..

mars left because I called them stewie griffin kin

nico: hey valentine, what's your first name?

hey guys lets get me some likes and boosts I was just murdered

gonna be real, at first I thought that nico was a brit

nnico tried to trick me by saying his fork was an airplane

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