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ok since love is my biggest project right now i should do a thread about it bellow
key words: vulnerability, drama, conflict, romance, teenagers making mistakes, growing up

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also since i cant change url for now and i dont wanna make another account let me tell my reasoning for choosing this url

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there's just something so funny to me about this social media that i used to use way back on early 2019 and just came back

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cw abuse 

anyway since we're posting homestuck here i always meant to write a meta thread on twitter about how bro, dave, abuse and characters abusing characters to be stronger and writers writing abused characters to be interesting and how andrew described the striders as his self insert and writing dave's abuse, but i just never wrote all that cause i knew my head would be in a spike the next day

can someone update me in the mastodon situation? is anyone still using it? what are the instances and such

ngl kinda hate having to come back here cause i hate missing content and i don't like having to see everything in two different social media

sorry everyone, i actually did the opposite and started on mastodon, but then i moved back into twitter, anyway @ whitemageeva is u wanna follow me

i measured my breasts and they grew a lot since last time??? i have like 17 cm of boob now (6 and half inches in american)

trans women keep being so gorgeous and i'm just asdasasdsadsadd :owi:

hey gang what happened while i was gone
does everyone still hate .social?

hi everyone twitter is down so im back here
sorry for inactivity, keeping up a bunch of social media is hard

design goals: to mix an urban style and graphite with medieval fantasy stuff

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