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Lew Perin @wrenpile@mastodon.social

Usually I apply updates promptly. This time, though, I’m looking at my iPhone 6 becoming 40% slower: melv1n.com/iphone-performance-

It feels like the end of summer when I have to reconcile myself to the fact that there won’t be any more beach days.


I haven’t seen numbers on this, but a software patch for flaws that slows your CPU will also make it suck more power, won’t it?

Speaking of numbers, has anyone seen estimates of how much execution speed is gained by ? And how much extra power it draws?

Obviously, different SE techniques will yield different numbers, but I haven’t seen any attempt to disentangle SE’s effects from those of caching. In the history of commercial microprocessors, SE and caching have tended to increase in parallel.

@wrenpile Time is, as they say, money. And in this case, power.