hey just in case you haven't seen it – I finally released my synth plugin, Cadmium. win/mac/linux, buzzy reeses, thick (thicc) drones, squelchy analog-flavoured acidlines

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@wrl that looks great. I could not find what plugin types you supply on your website. You state: Mac, Windows and Linux support, but not the plugin type.

I don’t use VSTs and so I always like to know. Other people might as well.

@woolie good call. they're listed just at the top of the columns for the demo downloads, but could absolutely be more prominent.

VST2 is all I support at the moment, but AU and then LV2 will follow. VST2 gets me the widest OS/host support to start, for better or worse.

@wrl never mind, I found where it is spelled out. VST2

Sorry for the previous question.

As an aspiring plugin author myself, why start with VST2 first? You use Juce? Or some other cross platform libraries?

@woolie no worries at all. as for why VST2, perhaps it's helpful to say "why VST2 over <other plugin format>".

so, why VST2 over AU? wider platform support by a long shot.
why VST2 over LV2? same as above, but the audience is even smaller.
why VST2 over VST3? this is a good question actually. most of it is just that I already had the VST2 support code written, and I find VST3 frustrating and over-engineered.

@woolie I rolled my own plugin framework (for better or worse), so there's effort in adding the additional plugin format backends. nonetheless, the rest of the platform abstraction work is done, so it's mostly just wading through the APIs themselves.

@wrl that was the kind of thing I was looking for. TY

@woolie you're welcome, and godspeed & good luck on your own development :)

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