@klardotsh so I took a look here – it looks like, in Xwayland, I disable the cursor warping (because the support for it wasn't good and I haven't checked to see what's up these days), but the cursor hiding still happens, so you get the worst of both worlds.

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@klardotsh the repetitive warping dance is really just a hack for getting raw relative motion of the pointer, which is perhaps better solved at a lower level. I know there's a Wayland extension for relative pointer motion ( but I don't know what kind of support it has at this point.

I'll bump this issue up in priority. you're the first person I know who's using Cadmium in Xwayland :)

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@klardotsh I do eventually want to do a Wayland-native version but nobody's done the groundwork yet on figuring out how plugin windows should nest (at a low level), so that might have to wait until more than zero hosts support it.

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@wrl Figured I should respond to this!

Sway (probably the most common compositor that isn't GNOME or KDE's built-ins) supports both of the things you're trying to do as of 1.0 stable:

It seems to work correctly in some XWayland clients (Guild Wars 2 in Wine, for example) but not others (Minecraft does... mysterious things).

I'm not sure about GNOME Shell / Weston / KWin, but it's *possible* you can turn off the XWayland-specific workarounds these days!

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