hey whats everybody up to ??

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@wrl WILL! YO!

Flying. Doing things. Contemplating existence a lot.

@pandora_parrot JOYCE HI !!!!

yeah i'm with you on the existence contemplation. not so much on the flying, but i do take trains a lot. i don't drive them though, they won't let me do that.

@wrl They should let you drive the train. That's just mean.

@mmu_man get off mastodon! go read a book. blue light at night makes it hard to sleep.

@mmu_man if you have not read "zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance", i highly recommend it.

@wrl @mmu_man oh that reminds me I need to finish reading that one! I got like half way through and somehow dropped off. so good though!

@wakest @mmu_man "zen and the art" has this very curious property of being able to address or provide insight on whatever life questions or concerns i happen to be experiencing when i read a chapter or two. every time.

@wrl @wakest @mmu_man thats exactly how it felt when I picked it up for the first time

@wrl For the last two hours: Waiting for transport in various places. But now I arrived.

(normal commute when the immune systems of the gov and the people are not clashing: 40 mins)

@VikingWilli 15k hours ~= 1.7years

so, yeah, i mean i hope i'm still going to be alive then, if global warming or starlink doesn't get us all first

much better chance o lighting strike getting you ... or another human

@wrl I’m just aiming for a blackout, really. That’s what I need for the moment, to shut my brain out

@wrl Figuring out this new space! And enjoying the fact that everyone seems to be on the same mode 😛

@wrl In a zone where you don't know from where to start and how to?

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