@jess hey so i moved into a place that has a ton of balcony/terrace space

what should i grow

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@jess i was thinking chilies and tomatoes to start for SURE but what ELSE

@wrl @jess Chilies attract aphids like mad. I hate aphids so much.

Peas are pretty easy to grow, and yummy. Herbs too, basil is quite easy.

We grow all kinds of weird shit on out balcony because we have guinea pigs, like yarrow and clover, and I quite like yarrow myself, but that is maybe not for everyone.

@wrl @jess I had a set of a few random kinds including sweet peppers, but the one that survived the aphid onslaught the longest was the habanero. But I had to work my ass off to keep it alive.

@wrl carolina reapers, lopophora williamsi, acacia acuminata

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