so, after spending large portions of my life going through every single task/todo management app i could find and managing maybe 3-6 months per tool, last week i finally got fed up with it all and started writing my own.

svelte/js on the frontend, rust on the backend. i will probably AGPL it.

i get frustrated because when i'm sketching/planning out a project, i draw up these sprawling, fanciful plans covering as much ground in as deep detail as i can

but when it comes time to actually do the work, it's overwhelming and hard to know where to start

so what i've built is a hierarchical task manager that lets me arbitrarily zoom in to any part of the tree and block out the whole rest of the context


it seems like "pretend that everything else isn't there" wouldn't be a super cool feature but the psychological impact of just... ignoring the larger context and focusing on a tiny part of the work is hard to overstate

also i put a kanban mode in there too, because why not

also it has almost no UI and vi keybindings

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