so, after spending large portions of my life going through every single task/todo management app i could find and managing maybe 3-6 months per tool, last week i finally got fed up with it all and started writing my own.

svelte/js on the frontend, rust on the backend. i will probably AGPL it.

i get frustrated because when i'm sketching/planning out a project, i draw up these sprawling, fanciful plans covering as much ground in as deep detail as i can

but when it comes time to actually do the work, it's overwhelming and hard to know where to start

so what i've built is a hierarchical task manager that lets me arbitrarily zoom in to any part of the tree and block out the whole rest of the context


@socksy these are definitely my kind of feature requests

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@socksy yeah workflowy is similar but i have some ideas further down the pike that diverge

@wrl sounds cool. I'm working on an idea of an API for interoperability between todo list services (partially because I'm annoyed the org mode is terrible on my phone compared to other apps, so I thought I'd just sync it to somewhere as a source of truth. Would love to bounce those ideas off you some time)

@socksy i'll add you to this repo. the keybindings are undocumented so just read the `bindings` dict in TaskList.svelte sorry

@wrl nice
btw is what i had so far. Trying to think of the smallest subset of useful operations/abstractions that covers the most number of cases + different representations in different apps

@wrl probably would change the operations to always assume plural items tbh

@socksy i realised that i don't even have "date created" or "date updated" in the data model right now lol

@wrl and that should be fine! Unless you want to do like time travel or something. My thought is that if each service has a collection of items in some way, and someone's written an adapter for it, you can use a client that is authenticated with both of them to allow for easy moving of an item from one service to another.

That could mean that my todo app could have a list of things to toot, and when I'm happy with them, I simply move them to the mastodon list

@socksy still, probably good to have for accounting/bookkeeping purposes.

@socksy oh yeah and one of the windswept keybinds that's not in tasklist is tapping / to zoom in to the selected task, shift-/ to zoom out one level, ctrl-/ to zoom out to root, and \ to switch between list and kanban view of the current (focused/zoomed) root

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