would really like to use mastodon more often but I don't really have the network here that I'd like. can anybody recommend some cool music/tech/music-tech folk?

oh wow, this got more attention than i was expecting!! thanks for the great recommendations y'all

@djsundog is your man. He has a bunch of different accounts in the fediverse, this is just one.

@wrl meeee except i've dropped off of the music/music tech bandwagon since not being in school

@wrl You have to convince folks to come over. It's not easy, because people hate change, but it can be done.

@wrl @jk is someone I would recommend everyone follow, but especially so for the interests you listed

@wrl @djsundog you should follow @awhaleslantern and @luka and maybe me, though I'm low tech as musicians go (pencil and paper; human voice; wind moving through hand-carved branches)

@wrl Browse through for a bunch of cool open source tech folks.

No, not me. The *cool* ones.

@wrl Everyone I follow from this account has taken part in our collaboration project, so they're all cool music people :)

@wrl Check who I'm following, each person fits your description 😊

@wrl there's also an instance (by @djsundog) @ which might be of interest

@wrl @craigmaloney self-identifies as CC metal podcaster, if you are into that.

@wrl I'll admit I'm also still a little in the dark on how to tap in to my interests. I'm digging it, though!

@wrl @basspistol check out @unfa too. Makes good open source music production content.

@wrl You might like @unfa He is an elctronic musician/audio engineer who uses Linux based tools for everything

@unfa @JDFightMusic good to see you around here dude! you hang anywhere on IRC these days?

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