i found this screenshot on my phone of a bug summary from a few years back and i can't stop chortling

fuck literally everybody who has worked on APIs at microsoft

ps: here's more of the VST i've been working on. had to downscale the video to get it to upload here but regardless

revision has been incredibly productive. i am almost finished with the next release of my synth cadmium.

here's a little demo video i put together earlier. it's some synth chords out of a song idea I might finish someday.

just convolution reverb on post-fx, otherwise dry.

so, here is a thing i have been working on for the past few years. it's a VST synth, and it's finally shaping up for a public release hopefully before the month is out (potentially going to drop it at revision).

i'm currently reworking the UI – just got live modulation display readouts working earlier today. the UI is completely openGL and the knobs are all drawn with distance fields in fragment shaders



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