"modern" audio programming 

@paul maybe it's just survival bias on my part, that those things *weren't* the stumbling blocks for me

"modern" audio programming 

@paul it really seems like a tactic for getting more people into audio programming

which i get, and maybe it makes me a curmudgeon, but the programming language isn't the hard part of the shit

everybody on some "oh i want to do it in javascript", like... that's not the hard part. that's not the stumbling block

"modern" audio programming 

@paul honestly i'm still not sold on the concept

"modern" audio programming 

@paul i mostly see talk about it on theaudioprogrammer's discord

"modern" audio programming 

@paul it's "alive" and "well"

@socksy nobody who i've added to any repo recently has received emails about it. i think github's fucking up.

check your GH notifications

@socksy added a KEYS file so now it makes more sense lol

@socksy oh yeah and one of the windswept keybinds that's not in tasklist is tapping / to zoom in to the selected task, shift-/ to zoom out one level, ctrl-/ to zoom out to root, and \ to switch between list and kanban view of the current (focused/zoomed) root

@socksy still, probably good to have for accounting/bookkeeping purposes.

@socksy i realised that i don't even have "date created" or "date updated" in the data model right now lol

@socksy i'll add you to this repo. the keybindings are undocumented so just read the `bindings` dict in TaskList.svelte sorry

@socksy yeah workflowy is similar but i have some ideas further down the pike that diverge

it seems like "pretend that everything else isn't there" wouldn't be a super cool feature but the psychological impact of just... ignoring the larger context and focusing on a tiny part of the work is hard to overstate

also i put a kanban mode in there too, because why not

also it has almost no UI and vi keybindings

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i get frustrated because when i'm sketching/planning out a project, i draw up these sprawling, fanciful plans covering as much ground in as deep detail as i can

but when it comes time to actually do the work, it's overwhelming and hard to know where to start

so what i've built is a hierarchical task manager that lets me arbitrarily zoom in to any part of the tree and block out the whole rest of the context

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so, after spending large portions of my life going through every single task/todo management app i could find and managing maybe 3-6 months per tool, last week i finally got fed up with it all and started writing my own.

svelte/js on the frontend, rust on the backend. i will probably AGPL it.

why the fuck isnt the computer doing what i tell it to do *it turns out the computer is doing exactly what i tell it to do* well i'll be danged

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