yooo my song "lift you up" is out today on inspected.

all streaming platforms + bandcamp

give it a listen :>


@alinanorakari i had some input/involvement in a few areas of the spec but haven't sat down to actually write a CLAP plugin yet. it'll be a learning experience for all of us :D

x-post from birdsite: this evening at 18:00 CEST (16:00 UTC, noon EDT), i'm adding a CLAP backend to my in-house audio plugin framework and streaming it on twitch.

i'm encouraged by the reports i've heard from other devs about how straightforward it is to implement, so we'll see how it goes.

twitch stream will be at twitch.tv/wrlight

hey folks! been a little bit since i did an and a fair amount has changed since my previous one.

i'm an american expat (grew up in ohio) living in rotterdam, NL (previously was in utrecht, and berlin). my main gig is writing audio software – largely plugin fx and synths.

i also write and produce electronic music (lately drum&bass, but make ambient/downtempo too).

find me on the 'net:
software: lhiaudio.com, github.com/wrl
music: soundcloud.com/williamlight

i think if i were a millennial, i would simply inherit a lot of money from a wealthy relative, then make an app or something and pass myself of as an 'entrepreneur' and get paid to write shitty thinkpieces about spending less on avocados and how young people actually love mitch mcconnell

@halcy hey HALCY how do you say "whomst'd've" in german

@pandora_parrot if you're interested in playing with it, i can get you an MPE-capable cadmium build later today! windows is easier to do right now, apple keeps throwing wrenches in my CI gears

@paul i have been sketching out a REBOL-like embedded lang for a while but never made any headway on it

fe looks very cool

@pandora_parrot i thought of a way that i could have MPE in an always-on type mode that would also gracefully degrade to the non-MPE case so i'm trying that out

seems promising so far, testing on a linnstrument

@pandora_parrot i thought you might be interested to know that i'm adding MPE support to cadmium this week :>

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