@halcy hey HALCY how do you say "whomst'd've" in german

@pandora_parrot if you're interested in playing with it, i can get you an MPE-capable cadmium build later today! windows is easier to do right now, apple keeps throwing wrenches in my CI gears

@paul i have been sketching out a REBOL-like embedded lang for a while but never made any headway on it

fe looks very cool

@pandora_parrot i thought of a way that i could have MPE in an always-on type mode that would also gracefully degrade to the non-MPE case so i'm trying that out

seems promising so far, testing on a linnstrument

@pandora_parrot i thought you might be interested to know that i'm adding MPE support to cadmium this week :>

@paul one of my ideas here involves MPE-controlled individual comb filters.

i will check these csound links as well.

@paul this is usually a move of mine but i have not done it yet. i was thinking about putting an lpf in the feedback path and having the cutoff modulated by the fb signal itself. might be cool

@paul yeaaaah got it. i tried it with noise modulation and it was bad, i'll try like an audio rate LFO or something, that seems like it could be cool

@paul i will check out "word color".

yeah i'm experimenting with putting stuff in the comb filter feedback path – saturators, filters, etc, anything to make the sound a little less... i dunno, bland? trying to find a way to make it a bit spicier.

hey how do people feel about comb filters

my thoughts: i like what comb filters do to sounds but i don't necessarily like the metallic "sound" of a comb filter

(i may or may not be building some comb-filter based effects)

@pandora_parrot @coda lol yeah this wasn't a callout or anything, i definitely loved how they just appear to have got all of their games out simultaneously and freestyled the rules on the fly.

@coda @pandora_parrot "once i realised" and also the scene where he's nodding along with the friend who's taking his turn

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