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if a boulder technically gets lighter as it gets closer to the top of the hill then why does it feel like it gets so much heavier

getting ready to release my first commercial product, which is a synth VST plugin. I have more code to write, and do more webdev, and write a decent enough manual

I have so much on my plate, there are entire plates on my plate

no table, just plates. no floor, only plates.

it's plates all the way down.

Had an appointment at the Dutch chamber of commerce earlier today to establish a business.

Appointment was at 15:40.
Had my business legal ID (KvK number) and VAT ID by 16:10, and had my business bank account set up and ready to go by 16:30.

What was even crazier is that, to set up my bank account, I just entered in my KvK number and my bank autofilled all of the details for me. It all just worked. I'm still slightly in awe.

@aminb hey, could I get added to the "audio dev" list on trunk? thanks :)

@timj tim! found you from trunk. we just seem to run across each other every few years, hah :)

@Gargron hey, if I want to make a mastodon instance for a small company I've founded, is there an established instance for those sorts of profiles? Here's a Stereoscopic 3D capture of our new Nintendo 3DS demo! You can watch it with appropriate hardware, or anaglyph (red/blue) 3D glasses!

nfo on pouet:

If you would like to check out How It's Made(tm), we've published the (bad) source code on github:

actually in the UK they call them crisptunes

let me do one of these s also!

american expat (grew up in dayton, ohio) living in berlin now (soon: amsterdam). by day i write software (soon: infosec), by night i write VST plugins and other sorts of audio software.

i also write electronic music and am learning to play guitar and drums.

find me on the internet:
software demos:

ps: here's more of the VST i've been working on. had to downscale the video to get it to upload here but regardless

oh wow, this got more attention than i was expecting!! thanks for the great recommendations y'all

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would really like to use mastodon more often but I don't really have the network here that I'd like. can anybody recommend some cool music/tech/music-tech folk?

revision has been incredibly productive. i am almost finished with the next release of my synth cadmium.

here's a little demo video i put together earlier. it's some synth chords out of a song idea I might finish someday.

just convolution reverb on post-fx, otherwise dry.

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