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Hay Mastodon! I’m Madiha and this is my pinned post. I’m the author of The Solstice War, a LGBTQ centric, historical fantasy novel you can read online for free! ( ). If you enjoy it, you can support my writing on my patreon ( ).

in the time since i last used mastodon ive been cripllingly depressed, ruining every relationship in my life and letting all my creative projects grow mold.

Happy ! The Solstice War’s own resident trans men and women like Leander, Gulab and Malik, and this trans woman author herself, all wish the community the best. Continue to struggle, for better days ahead!

And if you’re into military fantasy or historical/alternate universe works and want to support a trans woman author writing gay, trans, gnc and nonbinary characters in genres where this representation is rare, read The Solstice War!

The Solstice War has basically everything you want in fiction!

Lesbian romances? Check.

Fantasy elements? Check.

Trans women? Check.

Trans LESBIANS? Check.

Bleak, brutal industrial maneuver warfare circa 1941-42? Check.

Complicity of first world citizens in the oppression of the third world and the mounting imperialism of their so-called liberal democracy? Check.

On this check out a lesbian author of a socialist war novel filled with wlw representation, trans women, and gender nonconforming women. Read The Solstice War, it’s free online!

alright lads, after 30 years of criticism im pleased to announce that i don't need anymore! from this point on i'm not taking anymore criticism! thanks to everyone who contributed in the past, but i'm fully closed off to criticism henceforth! thank you!

the peoples of the world march to that sweet sweet Hate Amerikkka Beat

i think protectionist policy can be good if you do it for the right things. right now we need protectionist tariffs on foreign youtubers, who are putting hardworking american screamlords out of business. which candidate will be first to support this

mike mearls getting ethered on twitter was a brief tonic for today’s ails

i watched all of bang dream season 1 with my gf and it was fun. its k-on but better, less uguu

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I was wondering if there was a book on systemd that I could read to learn more about it and uh

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when u make ur gf laugh. retoot if u agree.

A new chapter of The Solstice War! Vulture’s youngest members have some things to settle, and Homa recieves a new toy.

hay there five nights at fediverse...a new transmediacrity is here!! its a trans gamer podcast normally its mostly anime

Me: I disagree with a friend’s post.
Angelic Madiha: explain calmly why
NKVD Uniform Madiha: Bide your time in silence...a purge of the party will soon commence.
Posadist Dolphin-suited Madiha: shitpost about weed tee hee hee 🌿

in a week all the t-dolls are gonna helidrop into my house and bring me a big camouflage cake for my birthday

if we’re sharing moments where we regret going “sicko mode” time at the head of a long line at the grocer’s, it was a real stressful situation and I just...I started couponing. It just happened.

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The first Transmediacrity of the year! We talk about shooting the sky, playing gacha games for bad reasons, Atelier Sophie, Kingdom Hearts, and THE SECRET HISTORIES.

turning 30 this month!!! now ill never be recognized as a media luminary 😔

The first Transmediacrity of the year! We talk about shooting the sky, playing gacha games for bad reasons, Atelier Sophie, Kingdom Hearts, and THE SECRET HISTORIES.

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