Chrome is now hiding "trivial" subdomains in the URL bar (www[.]domain[.]com shows only domain[.]com ). This is plain wrong, and buggy as hell :/

@x0rz yeah, try, it will be shown as

@x0rz Oh, they're pulling a Microsoft now (with hiding extensions). That's ... definitely helpful. I always search around for how to disable that. Every. Single. Time. When I'm on a windows system ...

@x0rz I'm totally not seeing how this is ever going to be a problem *cough*

@xpac @x0rz The intent is to make Google's own AMP the default way ppl view pages, so Google can basically ensure they're harvesting ALL your data

@x0rz I think hiding m. is probably the worst offender, as now you're not sure whether this is how a site is supposed to look like, or whether it's the mobile version.

@x0rz it’s stupid is what it is and it’s the result of them pandering to the lowest common denominator. For some domains the www goes somewhere completely different to the domain. 😞

@x0rz that's crap ... didn't even notice so far :/ well, time to check if Google or Mozilla have solved the Gmail performance issues.
Thanks for the hint

@x0rz this is total BS. This will be about hiding their AMP crap so people don’t know if they’re getting that or the proper website - controlled by Google or not.

@x0rz saw this link in one of the comments:

Even if people have a hard time handling URLs, how is it Google's responsibility to fix this? This sounds more like a usability rather than a security issue

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