This is new to me, people have been abusing ad-blocking extensions to achieve political goals and censor some websites 😖

@x0rz Sadly, this happens occasionally, filter list maintainers thinking that their opinions are shared by the entire user base. There was a case in 2009 where the Vietnamese filter list decided to block a particular antivirus vendor:

@WPalant @x0rz

I think it would always be a potential risk, especially when there are only a few maintainers for some languages, but at least anyone doing this is easily caught due to lists being opensource..

at work I try to set up ad filters for *every* language that someone may read a website in, what also worries me is how many prominent countries have *no* filters (this to me suggests that entire tech community there is heavily dependent on adtech so is unwilling to make them)

@vfrmedia @x0rz There is a reason why Adblock Plus kept the power of filters intentionally low - e.g. no arbitrary CSS and especially no JavaScript. Breaking a website is bad, but at least the damage is limited. Other ad blockers do it differently, let's hope they have a good verification process in place.

@WPalant @x0rz

I only use the filters for EN, DE, NL and FR - but I've not seen anything bad/unusual with these. To be fair the FI overblocking was quickly detected (although its not clear from the Github discussion if the filter *has* been removed)

An amusing consequence of using adblockers is I have learned in many more languages at least the words for "you have your adblocker turned on, please turn it off" 😆

@vfrmedia @x0rz These also happen to be the filter lists with most stable communities...

@vfrmedia @WPalant @x0rz the entire list was removed until they find a new trusted maintainer.

@x0rz I can remember imagining this in early 2017.
eventually, it is indeed a tool for censorship.
Intended for the good and very effective.
Too good to skip abuse attempt.

@x0rz we knew that would happen. With great power comes great yadda yadda.

I appreciate uBlock's reaction to this (swift removal of the list), though. That's how it should be handled.

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