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A super-long door key that barely fits in one open hand, with at least 13 pins.

@x0rz oh no you've shared the password on the clear now you have to generate a new key D:

@polychrome @x0rz Seriously, didn't a hacker duplicate the fingerprint of a politician by taking a snapshot of her hand on an HD TV?

@rick_777 @x0rz not finding anything about this with the quick search I've done but if it's not possible now it probably will be once 8k video becomes standard :blobowo:

@rick_777 @x0rz doh I also used DDG but obviously the wrong keywords :blobmelt:

@polychrome @x0rz My mistake. It wasn't on TV, it was using digital cameras.

He cheated. Damn. :blobsmilesweat:

@polychrome @x0rz Oh, look at this!

> Krissler and fellow hacker Tobias Fiebig presented their findings Dec. 27 at the 31st annual Chaos Computer Club convention in Hamburg, Germany.

At the CCC, no less! :blobcatfingerguns:

@polychrome @x0rz @rick_777 Just wait until 8k security cameras are common. That whole "enhance" thing they do on TV won't be such a joke any more.

I wonder when we'll have an episode when enhance doesn't work because a fly decided to walk on the camera at the worst possible time :blobsmilesweat:
@x0rz @polychrome

Capturing horrific closeup images of insects and arachnids seems to be the best use for those Ring doorbell cams.
@polychrome @x0rz

@x0rz For what it's worth I think the lock that key goes to would be obnoxious to pick just due to the sheer number of pins and difficulty of getting tools in.

@x0rz isn’t it easy to fabricate copies of keys if you have a picture of them?

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