Beware of this @protonmail hxxps://myaccountupgrades[.]com/wp/vvv/
Registrant is hoda.abedini890@gmail[.]com from Nigeria 🇳🇬

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@x0rz @protonmail wow, pretty well done phishing campaign right there.

Wonder what the cert CA is? LetsEncrypt? Comodo?

@rysiek @x0rz Why does the CA matter? Does not matter at all… Just why was your first question when you saw it, what CA that is?

@rugk @x0rz because APTs are known to be using Comodo resellers who do not protect their systems well enough.

For instance: a hosting provider Comodo provides certs for all his VPS and website hosting customers automagically. Does so by checking if the IP address requesting the cert is in their VPS/server pool (but does not check the domain requested). If so, issues the cert.

It makes it possible to get a Comodo cert free of charge, apparently. Can't find the talk about it right now, though.

@x0rz you named the unofficial account @protonmail. I think you should contact them directly on the official way (probably it's on their website)

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