"Officials stated that the facility is safe from cyber-attacks by virtue of being air gapped." en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kudankul

Didn't we learn anything from Stuxnet? t.co/rC9JxjMsRt

For those who didn’t get the joke, this is the actual GRU hacking car 🚙 t.co/YS7YAqBIdh

The NCSC and the NSA just confirmed that Turla 🇷🇺 compromised the APT34 operational infrastructure deeply enough to own all or most of their C2 (aka Oilrig 🇮🇷) ncsc.gov.uk/news/turla-group-e t.co/zCX3xHBaK8

"Director of Cybercrime"

Does this mean you're the gang leader in cybercrime? 🤔 t.co/TSnntkW9Vc

Also, the US must know his cellphone (and country location), interesting threat model ;) t.co/FSmQE0HUJh

This is oddly similar to the Shadow Brokers campaign. But this time targeting the FSB.

Could this be some sort of covert retaliation operation by the US? 🤔 forbes.com/sites/zakdoffman/20 t.co/sllC8z8YPs

TIL you can adopt a Unicode character (including dumb emojis) home.unicode.org/adopt-a-chara

And yes, someone has officially donated $5k to adopt the 💩 emoji (ofc) t.co/GE9fNc4YRk

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