@Downes Could you summarize some of your philosophy in short statements like these: denizcemonduygu.com/philo/brow and link them in?

As the annotations in gardnercampbell and @cogdog's event increase, I am trying to digest them with an enhancement of my tool. condensr.de/2019/03/01/new-imp

Today I finished my prototype.
Please tell me if you would consider such a replacement for paper murals.

After playing a lot with (see x28newblog.wordpress.com/tag/g ) I have now uploaded my personal notes. Thanks to Stephen @Downes !

I just realized that my post is distorted in the reader (because it contains gRSShopper commands) so, for once, read it via the direct link.

I got an email feedback for my software, yay! (If you are not charging or registering or tracking your users, it is great when at least some of them become alive.)

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