by the way since i havent mentioned it im at @boots now

hey infosec ppl new to, please try to remember that the queer furry weirdos were actually here before you.

Please don't post channer slang or slurs or pepes on the PTL. This is a shared home.

Tactical gay strike-teams creating fursonas and assigning them to all the infosec people

so much free speech absolutism boils down to "it's more important that i appear smart than for vulnerable people to feel safe."

@hacked have you considered doing unlisted posts for things you've figured out have worked and private posts for things you are not sure about

wow i never realized how bad infosec twitter is until the tonal shift from like "happy friend time" to just "kinda not good rude people" happened on mastodon :|

and of course there's the people who apparently have no clue which is slightly upsetting

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PSA: if youre going to make long posts or try to break the site click the globe and switch your posting to private so you arent spamming everyone

actually i just checked and Icosahedron looks Really Good so ill see u there

question: is like mastodon before everything changed from being good and comfy to Bad

i preferred it when Mastodon was just "Oops! All Furries"
that was fun

"yeah but this cool feature would be really annoying if i did this thing im going to do"
have you considered taking the spoon out of your coffee before drinking it

three types of join tweets:
1. huh, neat
2. "Hello world!"
3. attempts at xss

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