*This* is how you hack: an adventure in Palm emulation. This is some of the most interesting stuff I've read in years. dmitry.gr/?r=05.Projects&proj=

I just found out that Joe Armstrong died and I can't find the right words to say how sad I am right now. I never had the chance to write Erlang professionally, but learning it many years ago had a profound influence over the way I think about my programs, and over the way I think about my profession. I had a great deal of admiration for his work and his approach to engineering.

Rest in peace, Joe Armstrong!

A classic piece on the perils of miscommunicating complex technical matters -- and on the unfortunate pervasiveness of this practice.


This was all the rage on the interwebs a few days ago but I was in bed with no interwebs a few days ago and I think it deserves a repost.


Those of you who follow Adrian Collyer's Morning Paper probably saw this already, but for everyone else: ndss-symposium.org/wp-content/ . I'm gonna go out on a limb here and speculate that this is actually how TEE was initially envisioned to be used.

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A warning for those who build a livelihood on proprietary systems and services:

Cloud9 (cloud IDE, deployment, and hosting) was bought by Amazon a few years ago, and is now shutting down its original service this December, leaving users scrambling who don't want to migrate to AWS.


* One user has 147 Cloud9 projects that he doesn't know what to do with;

* Another spent countless hours building course-ware and video tutorials that are now completely useless.

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Working in a server room, when I start thinking, "Gosh, I am feeling really hot" and about 30 seconds later realizing that is very much a bad thing and reset the breaker on the chilling unit. 😅

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Your password must contain at least one letter, one number, one number in place of a letter, one letter in place of a number, one special character, one normal character, one meme, the number 69, and a partridge in a pear tree

So I've been putting this off for too many years now -- I finally read that damn stash of Docker tutorials that's been setting in my "Article spool" folder for like three years, and moved my personal wiki to a Docker setup.

Do I get kombucha now?

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Touching the Untouchables–36 new security vulnerabilities in LTE standard:

syssec.kaist.ac.kr/pub/2019/ki (PDF file)

– attacks result in Denial of Service (no LTE available), spoofed SMS, or manipulated user traffic
– there are very likely more security vulnerabilities that remain unfixed in cellular networks

#lte #mobile #network #cellularnetwork #infosec #cybersecurity #security

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@lerk killall -9 vim , right after I get into beep repeatedly mode.

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Home-made weather station:

Built with an ESP8266 micro-controller, BME280 temperature/humidity/pressure sensor and a 0.96" OLED display.

The case is a printed version of the modular-case project I announced here a few weeks ago: github.com/muesli/modular-case

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We have a working IRIX 6.2 system on the #SGI #Indigo2 !!!

Now to figure out how to reset the root password and the network settings.


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@Ondo well, I have many projects at the moment, but I guess if I had to pick one I'd tell you about @cloud and its ongoing giveaway, at: ap.lollipopcloud.solutions/not :blobaww:

The Lollipop Cloud project is an attempt to make hosting personal internet services such as a website, contact list, remote file storage, or a calendar more accessible to users through open source technology and ARM Computing. It allows for anyone with an ARM computer to host their own services.

More: lollipopcloud.solutions/

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Hey developers & ActivityPub enthusiasts!

@GetTogetherComm is a free open alternative to MeetUp.com.

The lead developer needs help with implementing federation, either coding or better documentation about ActivityPub.

There's an open issue for it here:


There's been discussion but no code contributions yet.

Can you help?

(It would be *so* cool to get this kind of service federated, imagine every town having its own instance :blobaww: )

#ActivityPub #FLOSS #FOSS

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My partner just asked if Mastodon has any accounts or conversations related to transverse myelitis, with which she has been diagnosed since 2013.

She's not on Mastodon but is considering it; she hasn't enjoyed encounters with TM groups on Facebook (kind of an anti-vaxxer / thoughts and prayers / tinfoil hat crowd).

Shot in the dark, but would anyone be welcoming of her and hearing her if she gets a Mastodon account?

#transversemyelitis #multiplesclerosis #tm #ms #disability

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