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@freakazoid @ajroach42 O.K., I've started a mailing list on sr.ht: lists.sr.ht/~alcinnz/whowg

Feel free to subscribe there! And please invite anyone you think would be interested!

I'll have to put any paid work and my existing projects ahead of this discussion, but I do have experience running a similar group.

Not sure about the other points but the one about "Tools" is spot on. Device tree tooling is... I'd call it atrocious if it weren't basically non-existent. Dealing with it is the part I dread the most when I'm working on a BSP.


Great piece by Trail of Bits, and a good reminder that language safety features are only as good as how they're used. Also, if you're reviewing code, you need to kick it up a notch, and aren't sure where to begin, it's got a few good starting points.


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Earlier today Bill Gates in an interview said he doesn't like Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax because he thinks he will have to pay "$100 billion" and he will have to do "a little math"(?).

That sounded wrong, so I did the math.

Text version: gist.github.com/mcclure/ab5b8d

🐦🔗: twitter.com/mcclure111/status/

This morning's is pretty interesting: File Systems Unfit as Distributed Storage Backends: Lessons from 10 Years of Ceph Evolution. dl.acm.org/authorize.cfm?key=N

Maybe not news if you've been writing C since practically forever, but definitely a good thing to keep in mind for anyone learning C in 2019.

My favourite real-life example: cc65.org/doc/coding.html .

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"Because C’s abstract machine is so thin, these kinds of details can [really] matter [...]. And this is where the good part of the “C teaches you how the computer works” meme comes in. Because the machine is thinner, you can learn more about the details. words.steveklabnik.com/c-is-no

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Dear fellow devs:

A11y issues are not feature requests.

If something didn’t work in a certain version of a certain browser, it’s a bug.

Why is something that doesn’t work for assistive technologies and/or the people who use them any different?


I'm not too enthusiastic about the proprietary parts but hey, I'm pretty excited about this: analogue.co/pocket/ .

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Building a Cyberpunk Multi-Touch Input Device

This multi-touch touch panel built by [thiagesh D] might look like it came from the retro-futuristic worlds of Blade Runner or Alien, but thanks to a detailed build video and a fairly short list of required … hackaday.com/2019/10/06/buildi

Original tweet : twitter.com/hackaday/status/11

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Operation of mastodon.social as well as my work on Mastodon development is funded through Patreon:


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Have you supported your favorite open source projects with small donations rcently?

Help out, lots of small donations can make a huge difference! You know those devs deserve a little support!

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