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Dear fellow devs:

A11y issues are not feature requests.

If something didn’t work in a certain version of a certain browser, it’s a bug.

Why is something that doesn’t work for assistive technologies and/or the people who use them any different?


I'm not too enthusiastic about the proprietary parts but hey, I'm pretty excited about this: analogue.co/pocket/ .

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Building a Cyberpunk Multi-Touch Input Device

This multi-touch touch panel built by [thiagesh D] might look like it came from the retro-futuristic worlds of Blade Runner or Alien, but thanks to a detailed build video and a fairly short list of required … hackaday.com/2019/10/06/buildi

Original tweet : twitter.com/hackaday/status/11

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Operation of mastodon.social as well as my work on Mastodon development is funded through Patreon:


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Have you supported your favorite open source projects with small donations rcently?

Help out, lots of small donations can make a huge difference! You know those devs deserve a little support!

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i think using rings for unlocking phones would be a good idea. you put on a ring, bring your phone close to it and enter the unlock password. next time you touch your phone with that ring, it unlocks automatically. if you take it off, it detects that, erases the unlock password from its memory and stops working that way.

more reliable than a fingerprint reader, easily disabled (just take it off), can't be emulated like other biometrics, but doesn't require entering the password each time either

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As promised, I wrote a blog post: "Spoofing commits to repositories on GitHub"


:flan_writing: :flan_hacker:

The worst thing about security by obscurity is that on paper, it looks like *such a good and obvious idea*!


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Simplicity and ease of auditing win you points in the long run!

(Sorry for video, no written source. tl;dr: gkh's take on spectre & friends is that it turns out OpenBSD was right in their trade-off between security and performance).


The thing is, that distinction between military and consumer products largely doesn't exist. All of those "consumer products" [...] are used by government officials [...] worldwide. [...] They're critical to national security as well as personal security.


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We need to bring back floppy disks as a metric of how big a web page is. I just visited AdAge, and their pages are 15 MB in size ... or about the same size as Windows 3.11.

To see one article (with ads), you are downloading the equivalent of an entire operating system. ;)

Much as we all suspected, it's still a disaster, and it's unsettling because it doesn't have to be that way.

We *can* build secure IoT devices, with a responsible, knowledge- and fact-driven approach to security (and engineering in general). What's missing? Awareness & willingness?


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