OK, here's a question for knowledgeable Mastonerds:

I've been wondering about how I could set up my own personal social media "hub", which would essentall be somewhere to mirror + filter content from a collection of other social media sites that I'm on. Like a centralised timeline to combine multiple data streams from multiple accounts on multiple services, where I was in control. It wouldn't be public, it'd just be for me. Would a personal Masto instance be able to do that?

OK, people: if I'm dual booting, I've installed a new Linux distro over the partition of my old one and the grub menu no longer appears (I just get the grub command line), how do I fix that? I can still get into Windows via the UEFI boot menu.

And finally, this is currently a project I'm doing 100% on my own, but if it sounds interesting to you and you know C/C++, give me a shout! I'd love to get more things moving more quickly. github.com/x6herbius/afterburn

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All I want the Alpha 0.1 release to be able to do is to let players play against each other in deathmatch maps. The last things that need to be completed on that front are making the menus acceptable and ensuring there are no massive bugs.

In Alpha 0.2 I'd like to include bots, so that testing and iterating core gameplay "in anger", so to speak, is much easier to do moving forwards.

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The game should run on Windows, Mac and Linux, and play should be supported between any and all of these platforms. Support for Android and others could come in the future, but is not something I'm focusing on right now.

I recently upgraded my development laptop to a Dell XPS, so have the joy of being up close and personal with Windows again to get support working! πŸ€”

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This is why there are currently no model-based props in the maps - given I'd like to support the updated Nightfire model format, I'm waiting until this is in place first.

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For player models we currently have the three most generic characters from Nightfire multiplayer: MI6 Stealth, Suit and Tux. The original meshes have been temporarily translated to use HLDM animations because the Nightfire animations (while actually artistically worse) use a more complicated rendering system. Adding support for this is planned, but will take significant work.

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Getting the maps to work took a while, because my initial attempts to load in the genuine source files came up against a brick wall. The solution now is to de- and re-compile the maps into a Xash3D engine-friendly format.

Hence, we have (IMO) the two best Nightfire maps: DM Power and DM Island. These are brushwork only at this point - I'll explain why in a moment.

So progress hasn't been all that fast, because unfortunately I have this thing called a day job, but it has been steady. The current target is to be ready to build an Alpha 0.1, which will be the bare minimum required to play a cross-platform multiplayer deathmatch: a handful of weapons, player models and maps from the original game.

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It's been a while since I've been here. I think it's time I did an update on Afterburner, my 007 Nightfire remake.


More toots incoming! #007

Been updating my BSP analysis application. Adding the ability to find items in lumps which have a matching key/value pair, so that I can help use it to debug why my Nightfire maps won't load properly.


OK, I got roughly a 2500x performance increase in one Python function by properly optimising it. I'm happy with that.

After playing Nightfire for a bit tonight, I came up with some cool gameplay ideas that I could implement in Afterburner when porting various aspects across.


The cool thing about BSP files is that there's nothing to stop you putting padding in-between the data lumps. I've exploited this to insert human-readable names when writing BSPs in debug, so I can see where the lump data is.

"I Found the Best Burger Place in America. And Then I Killed It." by Kevin Alexander thrillist.com/eat/portland/sta

This is fascinating. The internet has so much power to concentrate attention, but being the focus of attention isn't always a good thing, as in the case of restaurants.

Installing ReactOS on this for a bit of Friday fun. I bought this laptop in 2008 in secondary school, specifically to play TF2.

Gonna clean up some of my furry follows on here. If you haven't already, go follow @x6herbius@snouts.online!

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