Finally fixed up my Nightfire BSP conversion script. Next up, details and collision trees!

Been updating my BSP analysis application. Adding the ability to find items in lumps which have a matching key/value pair, so that I can help use it to debug why my Nightfire maps won't load properly.

OK, I got roughly a 2500x performance increase in one Python function by properly optimising it. I'm happy with that.

After playing Nightfire for a bit tonight, I came up with some cool gameplay ideas that I could implement in Afterburner when porting various aspects across.

The stars are post-padding to align the names to 4 bytes.

The cool thing about BSP files is that there's nothing to stop you putting padding in-between the data lumps. I've exploited this to insert human-readable names when writing BSPs in debug, so I can see where the lump data is.

"I Found the Best Burger Place in America. And Then I Killed It." by Kevin Alexander

This is fascinating. The internet has so much power to concentrate attention, but being the focus of attention isn't always a good thing, as in the case of restaurants.

Installing ReactOS on this for a bit of Friday fun. I bought this laptop in 2008 in secondary school, specifically to play TF2.

Gonna clean up some of my furry follows on here. If you haven't already, go follow @x6herbius!

Winamp was a thing for you in the past?

Corporate media now bringing it back to the spotlight after a new release some time back.

BUT: Winamp is proprietary, never mind the memories;

check out free & open source Winamp alternative / clone QMMP!


There's a train station in our general area called "Ifield", which implies the next station down is called "FieldImpl : public Ifield" and is entirely concrete.

Hammer seems to work pretty much flawlessly on Ubuntu through Wine. This is even better than on my MacBook.

Hmm, if you specify a profile banner image that's large (I just used one of my own photos which was 14MB), it causes a server error when you save the changes.

I'm gonna move my furry ramblings to @x6herbius. I think I'll still keep this account around, but as a more general-purpose one.

Costa, there's no point publicly signposting your toilets and then having them locked with a staff code.

OK nerds, has anyone managed to get their hands on the Huawei MateBook Pro X laptop and have a play? I'm looking into MacBook alternatives (because Apple seem determined to close off their entire ecosystem one protocol at a time), and it's a toss-up between that and the Dell XPS.

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