Random observation about online conferences organised in 🇦🇺/🇳🇿:

(1) The quality level is way above and beyond conferences currently found elsewhere.
(2) Speakers who are regulars at those conferences hold themselves to an extremely high standard, and meet or exceed it.

@xahteiwi not having been to a diverse range of conferences to get a better baseline, this somewhat surprises me! I had assumed plenty of conferences in Europe and the US had similar standards, especially the FOSS ones like DebConf and FosDem!


@mattcen I've heard that FOSDEM did manage to pull off an excellent online conference but did not attend, myself. But the .au conferences are leaps and bounds ahead of everything else that I have attended.

So much so that even within the .au conferences you can tell who's a first-timer and who's a regular speaker. The regulars know what the quality of their (friendly) competition is, and aim for that.

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