Limiting "new users" to just 2 links in a post is exactly how you keep newbies in a community from writing properly sourced and cross-referenced first posts.

Those of you who run a Discourse forum might want to keep that in mind.

@xahteiwi I see both sides of this; on the one hand, perhaps they're trying to prevent spam accounts from linking to inappropriate or malicious content, but as you say, this definitely has its downsides.
I'm reassured to read, though, that "Admins can change these limitations by searching for newuser and first_day in site settings."


@mattcen Please note, this is after the "new user" verifies their email address, sets a password, and logs into the site. Plus, a spammer that does go to that trouble (or an automated bot) will happily spam your forum with just a single link or two in a message.

So yes, it's a silly and user-hostile default, albeit thankfully an overrideable one.

@mattcen Also, it actually encourages new users to post unnecessarily terse or poorly sourced messages when they first expose themselves to a new community, which may well make them look (to established community members) as less competent than they are.

@xahteiwi oof, yeah, I see your point;b it's definitely sounding like a far less sensible restriction in that light! I wonder how they decided on this!

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