Let's do something we should do every once in a while: if you have a personal web site with an RSS or Atom feed, drop it in the replies so people can add it to their feed aggregator.

Signal boosts appreciated.

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Interesting: having cross-posted this on Twitter and Mastodon, the relative level of engagement is markedly different between the platforms.

@chris @xahteiwi

ahha forgot about that long running issue, no focues to fix it sadly, keep meaning to move my blog off WP but time/energy an issue.

Honest question... how would moving off of WP fix that? For many trying to blog, moving off of WP just means a more complex workflows that often kills regular posting. Tech like SSL has nothing to do with that.

@chris @xahteiwi

WP is so full of upsell and open core mess... i want to move to something less #NGO but havent found anything I like so left it broken sad and bad, but can only do so much with out bigger team #OMN

@xahteiwi is the feed for my website, but also (maybe some don't know this yet) all of Fedi is readable via atom, for example I'm at

@xahteiwi @xahteiwi I don't particularly mind, but I'm intrigued why repeatedly advertising RSS feeds is better than (a) adding your web site to your profile metadata and (b) makeing sure your web site links to its RSS feed (like your does). Then RSS feeds are easy to find for those who want to look.

@underlap A thread like this makes it easier for followers to discover a truckload of sites they may not know, in one go.

@xahteiwi My blog at <> is generally about tech (security, software design) but has occasional personal or silly things. Low posting rate. Feed is: <>

@xahteiwi Cool idea! Grabbed a few new things for my reader :) . Here's my small blog that you can probably expect to be about programming, entertainment media, game design, interactive fiction:

@xahteiwi Thanks for posting.. some real gems in this thread! I've spend the hour reading some really great posts.

@xahteiwi There's also the #fediring with a similar goal and versions for both the WWW and Gemini sites


@xahteiwi (or something. on my blog is link)

self promo 


also available as an h-feed for all you IndieWeb fans.

Using dokuwiki for my page, so the feed shows mostly gradually changes and less new articles:

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