When you're this close >< to getting it, but still don't get it.

The five year old insists on always playing transposition and docking "like Mike Collins."

Looks like @AstroMCollins@twitter.com isn't running out of fans anytime soon. Also, thanks @LEGOIdeas@twitter.com!

This is the guy that sent people to work in spite of COVID lockdown orders, right? Good luck pulling that shit in Germany.

Kid (watching movie with me): "Who's that guy?"
Me: "That's a reporter."
Kid: "What's that thing? What is he doing?"
Me: "He's composing a telegram on a typewriter."

Simple things scale well. Who would have thought?

(from @belmiromoreira@twitter.com)

So Google Play Music playlists, in Takeout, are CSV files in a zip archive.

More precisely, one CSV file per track, containing two lines each: a header row, and one data row.

Like seriously, stop dunking on the best open source conf there is.

(Also, I'm *so* looking forward to the CFP. I've got this one-of-a-kind talk that I'd want to do at LCA or not at all.)

Current status: wishing for a progress bar on this 387 MiB video file upload...

("You make that sound like that's a lot", you say? I am on a non-FTTH connection, just like 97% of home uplinks in my country. We're worse than Germany in that regard, and that's saying something...)

Also, this being my first experience with @venueless@twitter.com, it looks remarkably clean and clutter-free. I think I can very much get used to this. Looking forward to getting up super early tomorrow!

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Just in case I'm ever fed up with tech, pizzaiolo is still a respectable career, no?

(For you bread nerds out there: that's an all-spelt 36 hour cold rise with a spelt lievito madre that I started out of a rye sourdough, and have been cultivating since March.)

TIL: if you think that muting system sounds in this GNOME dialog actually mutes annoying alert sounds, think again.

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