Random reminder: "X must be false because vile group Y says it's true" is a fallacy.

Simple example: a stupid nazi fuckwit asserting 1+1=2 doesn't make them any less of a stupid nazi fuckwit, but the rules of arithmetic do still apply.

@mattcen Also, it actually encourages new users to post unnecessarily terse or poorly sourced messages when they first expose themselves to a new community, which may well make them look (to established community members) as less competent than they are.

@mattcen Please note, this is after the "new user" verifies their email address, sets a password, and logs into the site. Plus, a spammer that does go to that trouble (or an automated bot) will happily spam your forum with just a single link or two in a message.

So yes, it's a silly and user-hostile default, albeit thankfully an overrideable one.

Limiting "new users" to just 2 links in a post is exactly how you keep newbies in a community from writing properly sourced and cross-referenced first posts.

Those of you who run a Discourse forum might want to keep that in mind.


Hiring into a distributed team? Look for people who write clearly and concisely. You'll be amazed at the articles some of your applicants have put out on the interwebs. Bonus: if it's about something not at all related to the job at hand, you'll learn something new!

(Gleichzeitig darfst du dich der Überfahrt mit max. 10 km/h nähern. Wie kannst du da für einen Autofahrer noch "überraschend" sein?)

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Wenn dich in Österreich ein Autofahrer auf einer Radfahrerüberfahrt niederfährt, könnte er sich wohl drauf rausreden, du habest sie "überraschend befahren". Das darfst du nämlich als Radfahrer nicht. Obwohl du Vorrang hast. WTF?


@mattcen I've heard that FOSDEM did manage to pull off an excellent online conference but did not attend, myself. But the .au conferences are leaps and bounds ahead of everything else that I have attended.

So much so that even within the .au conferences you can tell who's a first-timer and who's a regular speaker. The regulars know what the quality of their (friendly) competition is, and aim for that.

Random observation about online conferences organised in 🇦🇺/🇳🇿:

(1) The quality level is way above and beyond conferences currently found elsewhere.
(2) Speakers who are regulars at those conferences hold themselves to an extremely high standard, and meet or exceed it.

(Apologies for a question you will probably have answered on Venueless; sadly the chat seems to be unavailable after the conf)

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Can you share details of your streaming setup @ExcitedLeigh@twitter.com? Are those different split-screen layouts all OBS scene changes? Are you cycling through them with a pedal or stomp box of sorts?

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This is absolute next-level talk live streaming (@ExcitedLeigh@twitter.com at )


Ich übersetze das jetzt mal für die Mitlesenden aus Deutschland: stellt euch vor, der Postillon erfindet eine Kandidatur...


Lacher des Tages: C.l.o.u.d. steht für “Can’t locate our users data”. Danke @ddeimeke

Friendly reminder there's no place for nationalism in a global pandemic.

It's almost like the words "global" and "pandemic" would give that away.

I'm not a psychologist, so this is not a snark but a genuine question: are "psychometrics" in online evaluations (that is, ones that are not conducted by a professional in person, but that involve a respondent working with a machine) any more scientific than phrenology?

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