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Earlier today.

Wife: "The sooner you finish your homework, the sooner we can leave for the zoo."
Mr 6, a bit tired from his school day and dreamy: "Hmmmm?"
Mr 4: "HURRY UP!"

Not counting on a diplomacy career for that kid.

This 70-second clip is older than I am and its content is still relevant to most people in my profession today.

Wer erinnert sich noch? Vor ziemlich genau einem Jahr haben wir die Sache mit der Corona-Ampel übern Haufen geworfen, eine Woche nach ihrer Einführung. 🇦🇹

Anyone else come to the realisation that pushing back on synchronous comms (meetings, Zoom, Teams, Slack) in companies is like pushing back on cars in cities? Majority says "we can't do that" or "it'll never work here" at first, then once change does happen nobody wants to go back.

Und jetzt warten wir erst mal drauf, ob der eine PCR-Test nicht vielleicht doch ein FP war.

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No leiwand. Volksschule macht am Dienstag PCR-Tests, aus irgendeinem Grund kommen die Ergebnisse erst nach 48 Stunden statt nach 24. Heute, Donnerstag, geht die ganze Klasse heim, weil ein Test positiv war.

Heute ist der 4. Schultag.

Gestern war Elternabend.

Ever wonder where the option to set a solid-colour GNOME desktop background went in Ubuntu 20.04 and later versions?

It's not in the GUI anymore; use gsettings instead. 🤷‍♂️

Managers who have successfully introduced other managers to Goodhart's Law, Campbell's Law, and the McNamara Fallacy, how did you succeed?

Addendum: the importance of said content is, however, never zero. Links cannot and should not ever replace content, or be your only content. You need both.

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I don't know who needs to hear this, but if you've got any kind of collaborative documentation system, the links between your documentation artifacts (issues, wiki pages, code reviews) are at least as important as their content.

At least.

Context matters.

Mr 6 has his first day of school tomorrow and Mr 4 is sad that he can't join him and be with his big brother like every day he's been in preschool.

Send hugs.

Das ganze Video ist wie immer gut.

Aber das, was er da so etwa ab Minute 32 sagt, will ich jedem Menschen über 50 ins Gesicht schreien.

@dheadshot Right, but would you agree that it could conceivably mean all four of the above, again depending on context?

@dheadshot And does that carry an appreciative, supportive, patronising, or possibly even a condescending connotation?

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