anyway how is everybody. i have gum

i'll barely show ID to government agencies that require it, like hell I'm sending it to -that- piece of piss

i guess i'm moving over here for realsies now since twitter apparently thinks it's okay to hold an account ransom for someone's legal ID for literally any reason

still a little bit distressed by how fast the fav button spins but also fascinated. may have discovered a new source of electricity

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Oh, so I'm starting to collect a list of people who might be interested in a native Mac tootclient...

Feel free to toot'n'boost this.

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Programming is great because you can just take that huge messy chuck from the middle of your function and hide it away under a new name in a new function and feel good about how you "cleaned up" the original function by abstracting the internals.

This is exactly how I used to clean my room as a kid - I'd refactor all the junk on the floor to be under my bed. Boom - problem solved.

how is image hosting managed on mastodon anyway


wow it sure is hot when the sun hits your eye like a big laser pie and then absorbs into the solid black pavement that extends for miles around you huh

so what happened exactly..did twitter shut down all their third party apis or just suck a little bit of the life out of them or what

@fribbledom have you also been dragged into the elephant cave by forces beyond your control

at this point I like node & js more than a lot of languages, though I think it's through a vaguely stockholm-esque type process, like what happened with Blender

i still resent the multi-week process i had to go through just to get a straight answer on what it -was-, like most of blender's features

web development in 2017 is a hellscape 

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