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i was in a BBB of a leipzig linux group earlier and it was almost all about my acrylic paintings. when i said i had an explanatory blog, it was also briefly about

that he was very helpful, (because i also wrote about izzy in my blog).

i wanted to pass this on to you. so
- thank you izzy.

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On December 15, the will go through plenary voting at the European Parliament.

The FSFE calls for consolidating to enable fair and non-discriminatory use of in digital devices.


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Open positions at /e/corp: still looking for about 20 more Android/Android framework developers! ‍💁‍♀️👨‍🏫🧑‍💼👨‍💻

Join us to accelerate the development of the /e/OS deGoogled and pro-privacy mobile OS for the masses!

Feel free to share!

Apply at:

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TWiT just had a look at DDG's new tracking blocker. Well, we all know that more than 80% of all apps on Play come with trackers. But what we easily tend to ignore:

You don't need to *start* an app. Just having it installed is enough to have it send out its tendrils to Google, Facebook & Co. Which btw is why I no longer use Google: no PlayStore, no account (Google dropped it for inactivity years ago), no GApps…


#android #trackers #privacy

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Would a little #AndroidAppRain 🌧️ be welcome? My repo today had 6 updates and 2 new apps:

* Ad-silence: silence ads in Accuradio & Spotify
* Atomic: periodic system on-the-go with many details and backgrounds

Ejoy your #free #android #apps with #fdroid :awesome:

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@aral I already moved from Github to Codeberg 2 weeks ago...

a) Codeberg is not Microsoft
b) Codeberg is a registered association
c) Codeberg is located in Germany/EU
d) Codeberg is active in the #Fediverse as well at @codeberg


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Upcycling Android : Continuez d'utiliser votre téléphone avec des Logiciels Libres


> La FSFE lance sa nouvelle initiative "Upcycling Android": chaque fois que nous continuons d'utiliser notre téléphone au lieu d'en acheter un nouveau, nous soutenons une utilisation plus durable de nos ressources. Upcycling Android aide les gens à casser l'obsolescence des logiciels et à continuer d'utiliser leurs téléphones avec des Logiciels Libres.


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#AndroidAppRain – at @fdroidorg just arrived 32 Updates and 1 new app:

* Cofi - Brew Timer

At IzzyOnDroid yesterday only 3 updates and 1 new app:

* roc-droid: Roc sender and receiver

Ehnjoy your #free #android #apps with #fdroid :awesome:


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