Walked shelter dogs today 10-12 and despite drinking so much water, ended up pretty exhausted from the heat. jeep said it was 91 when I left.

so what can I do for you my delightful coworkers

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there's a lack of personal agency in the way my company is handling reviews right now, preventing the employee from driving their own review. maybe I want to talk about this project that I completed but wasn't on my goals because we never edited them after original creation. how do I get that talked about? well, I guess you have someone put it in peer feedback.

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I did ask one fellow about his career goals before writing so that I didn't accidentally write something he wasn't interested in. πŸ˜‚ I like the people I work with a lot so giving feedback that helps with their goals is important to me since this goes into their file.

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I have peer feedback for seven coworkers to write. they gave us 5 questions to answer. I don't know how much time we're supposed to put into this, I usually try to be thoughtful but I'm a write edit edit edit edit person so it takes a while. My spouse is really good at using all the corporate buzzspeak but I just... write. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

aha hypothesis! the PPI I take for gerd can cause low magnesium due to malabsorption. probably compounded by excess vitamin D. which does probably warrant a doctor visit for a different gerd med rec.

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but I can't fix that myself. Or educate? probably not without certification myself. there's a part of me that doesn't want to support with my time a place that is perpetuating bad science. but I can still be effective. i don't know.

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been wondering where my line is volunteering, contributing, when the place is perpetuating some outdated animal behavior concepts. it could be worse, but I even pointed out the behavior science that says otherwise which made the pro trainer cranky (I wasn't mean about it but) instead of maybe starting a dialogue. I left it be but now other people are repeating the bad handling of the case. And that is nagging me.

facial myokymia for weeks now, I didn't think it was visible but it is. It's not really serious usually and certainly not in a pandemic.... it's really exhausting though. (dr. internet says to get sleep, less caffeine, less anxiety, less stress, and less overworking. πŸ€”πŸ€•πŸ˜‚)

jaw hurts so bad lately I don't want to eat anything.

cw- rush limbaugh death 

back in the late 80s or early 90s my dad had a falling out with his eldest sister because she was a huge fan of rush and my dad asked her how she could support such hate much less listen to him with her preteen/teen daughter (6mo younger than me) and my aunt got so mad at him that they just didn't speak and actively avoided one another for the rest of my dad's life.

sick and trying to rest but everyone keeps waking me up

this is the first time in seventeen years i've had presidents day off.

cw-animal health 

he managed to vomit on the ugly curtains in there so i pulled them down and discovered that there are blinds in that room. i think i'm going to wash the curtains and turn them into strips for a rug.

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cw-animal health 

the cat has been having intermittent vomiting since thanksgiving (the specialist did an ultrasound and they believe it's "just" ibs-- vomiting frequency is way down but still occurring) ... puked today in the guest bedroom. my dog showed it to me (?!) and then he ran ahead of me to the steam cleaner upstairs and nosed it, "here's the cleaning thing you need!" what even.

I'm drinking cold brew at 2010 on a Thursday, what could go wrong?

an engineering company where the majority of people believe it's a meritocracy? you don't say.

Side eyeing the folks on birdsite talking about using ZZ to save and exit out of vi like it’s a novelty.

That jeep commercial was offensive on so many levels

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