My spouse described me as a musician today and I laughed inside.

When I packed up things to bring in the RV, I included: my two guitars, a travel watercolor set, and three knitting projects.

This one was an addition while I was packing, because I started it in 2015 (down here in Florida? I think) and hadn't touched it in years. It's a shawl with different patterns in sections, knit in madelinetosh tosh merino light in dahlia and dr. zhivago's sky.

Realized our next door neighbor got 400/sqft when they sold a month ago. Yikes.

Wearing my contacts for the first time in about a week. My glasses aren't progressives but my contacts are, so it was a bit wobbly there for a minute.

Cw-blood and gore 

N thinks it's bloody drool not like the quantity of blood from split stitches. I checked out his mouth where his tooth was removed (a big tooth, then a gum flap was stitched to cover the gap up) and it looks ok. He's not leaking blood all over the place. So I think he's ok and N is probably right that it was mostly drool. I'm still worried πŸ˜” but kind of my thing

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Cw-blood and gore 

N is watching Dexter, I'm in the same room, Hesh is snoozing in his bed. I go to get up and suddenly my foot is cold. I look down and it's covered in blood. ?!

Then I look at the dog in his dog bed looking up at me and there's a pool of blood from the edge of the dog bed dripping onto the carpet. Ack!

We drove by the house we like and I was hoping to hate the neighborhood but I really really liked it. Even if it's not that house I think we can look in that area I guess.

Spouse and I are arguing about what to list the house at: I want it sold fast, he doesn't want to "leave money on the table." Like I could give a fuck about selling for 20k more if it takes two months longer. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Buuuut that's why we have a professional I guess. Her suggestion initially was in line with mine but comps have been coming back higher, so maybe she'll be with spouse.

Bonus Ginger content. 😍 My heart dog, best girl ever.

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"what do we do with the pool table room?"
"duh, put my loom there."
"...ok, I guess..."

Excusing myself from an argument, extremely angry.

When we got home from Jeep pickup, he met me at the door with a tennis ball and a helicopter tail wag!!!! That's my Heshie!

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It's completely ridiculous, but leaving my Jeep behind in Seattle was the thing that made me saddest as we pulled away from the house.

Hesh is doing better this morning. Not 100% but better.

Driving off island to pick up our Jeeps from a fellow named Junior.


Got there on time so whatever

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Spouse, "better budget for at least 30m to get to the vet office for surgery due to some weird traffic things going on."

Spouse, "if your vision is still blurry, wake me up 30 before we need to leave and I'll drive to the vet."

I follow such things and he's back asleep.

Hesh keeps nosing his empty food bowl and looking at me like, "how could you forget my breakfast!"

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