Spouse just turned on halt and catch fire s1e1 and nope I will not get sucked into a rewatch, I have work in the morning! (but!!)

This actually looks decent. And I love this swedish style low profile shuttle. I can almost see the end of the warp already.

Me, picking up a coconut in the yard and tossing it in the air. My dog running to me. Me tossing the coconut across the yard. My dog picking it up, running inside the house, carrying it upstairs, and... Disassembling it. πŸ˜… I didn't think he was going to be able to pick it up.

Pulled out the cordless dyson to vacuum the bedroom and stairs to my office and Hesh was very upset, barking and lunging at the vacuum. I stopped and got my treat pouch and worked on building the positive association for him while I vacuumed. Came out of the bedroom with a full vacuum and a wagging dog. N, "wait, how did you get him to stop?" ... Then Hesh lay calmly at the top of the stairs while I vacuumed them. I tossed him treats periodically to reinforce that behavior.

My mom, in our family group signal chat, "I've never had parsnips because they're so expensive at the store!"

Me 😟

Got sick tonight and now I'm starving. Why is there even work this week.

Our older next door neighbors appear to have a bunch of people staying with them from out of town.

Wondering if I should take a few weeks break from the shelter after Thanksgiving based on all the folks planning to get together. (Shelter is my highest risk place, though I don't spend a ton of time inside near other people it does happen sometimes)

Just took my phone out of the otterbox and discovered that the phone still has some of the protective plastic stuff on it that it ships with. πŸ˜…πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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I was just walking with my coffee mug in one hand and phone in the other hand and spilled coffee, then dropped phone in puddle of coffee, then spilled more coffee right on top of phone.

I finished threading today but in an effort to move something so I could sley the reed, I knocked all of my shafts down. This is after I picked them back up and mostly realigned everything. πŸ™€ Hopefully it didn't mess up anything too bad-- I would think that once I sley and tie on, I should be fine.

Just asked spouse a chess question and he had to pause the ep of the Queen's gambit to answer me and then used mario kart to explain something to me. πŸ˜…

When you smell the petrichor before the rain actually starts where you are

First (extended) family member of mine to die of covid.

A few weeks ago I signed up for a free online color in weaving class and it's been cool but I have not had any time to actually keep up with the class. πŸ˜” I'm still back on the first week.

Another day of online sessions which I find super difficult to focus on. 😞

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