@xantha I like this license a lot, but wouldn't 2-C be a loophole for most any company that that does some lame form of 'profit sharing'? Or maybe I am just misinterpreting this?

@dualhammers @xantha I believe the original name for it was the communist software license.

@squeakypancakes @xantha I think the major detailed difference is that the ACL is much smaller and somewhat less legally strict.

I would love to know what lawyers think of either of them. My guess is the ACL would struggle in court, but the CSL basically prevents use by corporations at all and thus prevents widespread adoption of software.

@squeakypancakes @xantha The second clause of the ACL suggests through lack of precision that a for-profit company could, potentially, use a software but not with the same latitude a non-profit or individual user could.

I preface all of this by saying I am not a lawyer just a dork who got a very high LSAT score and never went to law school.

@dualhammers @xantha Both of these depend on a court in a capitalist country respecting the license in the first place.

@squeakypancakes @xantha That is probably a moot point since any for-profit company that would go to court is just going to ignore any software with this license attached unless it's totally unavoidable, which I doubt will ever occur.

@dualhammers @xantha Nothing stops them from looking at the source and reimplementing it in a different language under an open source license to get devs to use their "New exciting technology". Making it so that people will use the corporate version for their projects.

@squeakypancakes @xantha Well yeah, nothing an really stop applications of power except inverse applications of power, which the left not only has none of but has an understandably strong aversion to using

@dualhammers @xantha idk maybe I just feel disenfranchised with licensing as praxis lately. I still think people should use as much Freesoftware as possible, but every one whiching to linux isn't gonna end mega corps like google and apple.

@squeakypancakes @xantha No form of individual consumption is going to make a dent in any of this. That isn't a cynical sense of disenfranchisement, it's a good view of the reality of entrenched power structures.

There is a reason major shifts towards egalitarianism in human society have all happened when the established power structures were weakened and fractured

@xantha I would be more encouraged if it was supported by some legal theory that this would hold up in court. And yeah, comparison to other anti-capitalist software licenses.

Another: Peer Production License

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