The new iOS app is progressing nicely. It already supports search & push. Now we are working on adding 2FA. If all goes well, a first release will be coming NEXT WEEK!!! 🎉🍾

Why do birds suddenly appear?

I mean, that's weird, right? You open up your freezer, looking for some leftover chili, and a flock of one-eyed crows comes flying out, all of them chanting something in an ancient runic language.

What's up with that?

I'm not 100% convinced that Neil Ciciriega understands the point of the "baby shoes" story.

EU regulation to stop companies from sending you "We updated our privacy policy" e-mails when

Happy GDPR day everyone!

Hope your all having a grand time dressing the GDPR tree, singing GDPR carolls, and roasting the GDPR turkey.

my mechanic keeps the wifi off on his phone because he's trying to avoid fake WiFi networks that will steal all the info off his phone. I had to resist the urge to say "my dude, let me tell you about fake cell towers..."

i have eaten
the passwords
that were in
the logs

and which
you were probably
to keep private

forgive me
they were plaintext
so simple
and hunter2

So apparently Twitter has been dumping passwords to a log in plaintext for an unknown amount of time,

They don't THINK anyone has accessed or misused them.

They are very sorry this happened.

Who garbage collects the garbage collector?

The hottest take on Russia's hilariously bad attempts to block Telegram over the last two days.

Outline for me, if you will, Mr. Zuckerman... what an app actually _is_

1998: bitmap fonts are so passé, vector fonts are the future!

2018: hey folks im adding another 28 custom emojo so that we can speak in comic sans

RT Step 1: You have a problem
Step 2: You introduce a blockchain to solve problem
Step 3: You now have an incentives problem, a trust distribution problem, a community management problem, a regulation problem, a speculation problem, an upgrade path problem...

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