currently i have it set up so that each chunk (a 32x32 set of tiles) will get a 'tick' every half-second, and after nine minutes that'll have touched every tile in a chunk, which is what i'm calling a 'supertick'. chunks will synchronize to the current tick as you enter and leave them, but if more than a full supertick passes between the time you leave and reenter that extra update is lost

i'm gonna have to change that eventually b/c that's not a good solution for a farming/terraforming game

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i have implemented 'time' which means now i have to handle the What Happens With Time Outside of Loaded Chunks problem

less feasible to say "oh it just doesn't pass" in a game about large-scale terraforming

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i made a linear feedback shift register to scatter tile updates across each chunk

inspired by

reinventing the concept of a compiler for javascript

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complaining has solved my problem yet again

i mean i guess _i_ solved my problem, but,

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making assets kind of sucks but what _really_ sucks is having to base64 encode everything and then manually copy it to an assets file

i guess this is something i could turn into a script but it's just complex enough to be a hassle to write, probably

i don't think people should tag porn 'nsfw' because the phrase prioritizes the sexual drive below what your boss thinks and that's capitalism brain

i really gotta muscle down and play daggerfall b/c if everybody says the dungeons are way way too big then maybe i'll actually find them reasonably-sized V:

anyway i posted another reportback for asteroid garden over on dreamwidth

& i also updated the online version, which is here:

still not "a game" but it's got more interface now V:

like i've gotten way less into Video Games over time, mostly because at some point i started to recognize how absurdly narrow its genre conventions are. boy howdy if you want a shooty game there are a billion of them but if you want a game where the landscape isn't a static mesh you're still more-or-less limited to like, minecraft

baffled that devs looked at the popularity of minecraft and the thing they took from it was "oh, people like crafting systems" as if that was the salient difference

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every so often i go looking for a new game to play and end up finding more-or-less nothing

at this point it's like, i would like a game that involves 1. a place changing over time that's 2. not a pure simulation game where 3. you have a dedicated pc avatar rather than a floating camera

every time i try looking up more specific instances of that ("rpg w/ town-building" or w/e) i end up seeing the same list of like 6 games, all of which i've already played

after all of that i got it so you can click a tile w/ the hoe and have it immediately update

this is also robust enough to handle placing arbitrarily many things on any tile

there are still some issues remaining (it doesn't work right on chunk boundaries & it doesn't update neighbors) but on the whole it all works. hooray 🎊

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for a while this bug looked like "clicking on a tile just erases it" until i happened to click on enough to see some tiles show through.

the issue was i wasn't resetting the camera position when i did the render, so the updated tiles ended up offset by the pc's position instead of where they should be in the chunk

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the problem was: `.bufferSubData` takes its index offset in _bytes_ and i was assuming it was in _indices_, since `.drawArrays` has its index offset in indices, so all my data was getting misaligned as i wrote them

_this_ issue was b/c i was trying to render with a stride value in bytes instead of in array indices.

graphics programming is very heavy on converting between near-identical units with disastrous consequences if you do it wrong

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i can only assume i'm doing some interleaving wrong, but looking at my code it all looks like it _should_ be fine

but, of course, it's not, so that just means i have an imperfect grasp on what my code is actually doing

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i'm restructuring my rendering code so that i can actually just render w/e without caring about it. this is for things like updating tiles on-demand when they change.

it's a work in progress

lol other map code bugs i have fixed: i was allocating 10x the amount of buffer space i needed (due to multiplying in the values-per-vertex value twice) so now instead of the initial load taking 6 seconds it takes ~0.3 seconds

At the same time, if one accepts
Piaget’s (1936) famous definition of mature intelligence as the ability to coordinate
between multiple perspectives (or possible perspectives) one can see, here,
precisely how bureaucratic power, at the moment it turns to violence, becomes
literally a form of infantile stupidity.

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If what I’ve been saying is true, then
this is just what we’d expect. The police truncheon is precisely the point where the
state’s bureaucratic imperative for imposing simple administrative schema, and its monopoly of coercive force, come together. It only makes sense then that
bureaucratic violence should consist first and foremost of attacks on those who
insist on alternative schemas or interpretations.

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