some inexplicable series of system updates has made it so ashen in wine finally works right on my computer so i guess i'm gonna play that a bunch soonish

anyway i posted the new chakra contamination chapter
(it's very explicit pornography)

anyway chakra contamination chapter 6 is basically done and it's 12k wordsssss

now time to let it sit for a bit so i can edit it more before i post it

also god i love the temerity of being like 'warning p3d0philia, in3st, rap3' like oh okay people might have blocked certain words but this post is _really_ important so i'm gonna try to circumvent that, so people really definitely see my very important discourse post

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i can't believe that the big problematic genshin impact incest ship is b/c the english localization changed 'blood brothers' to 'adopted brothers'

i love fandom, i love discourse

the `Maybe a` should actually probably be like, `Writer a ()` but since i never use writer monads i didn't really think of it. there's another thing in the event handler that's like the perfect case for using reader monads, just... who actually uses reader/writer monads.

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so these are my event handlers now & the second constructor is this thing i've gotten into the habit of doing that i refer to as "quantified existential fun"

i mean i guess they're both quantified existential fun i just really enjoy the aspect of it where you can stuff paired producer & consumer types into a type constructor & as long as no trace of the types escapes directly then you can clap your hands and make them vanish. very useful for heterogenous stuff like, event handler state.

not pictured: everything being 8 pixels above where it ought to be; the geometry being shattered apart into two overlapping triangles for each character; nothing being rendered at all b/c i got the triangle order wrong so it's all back faces.

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sometimes you get fancy nice-looking screenshots but most of the time you get this

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that it's literally anything other than the clear color represents an enormous success

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u no ur testing that opengl context when it looks like this

yeah after redoing things w/ some handmade quantified existential stuff i feel like that's a much easier handle on how to do event stuff. i might bring back yampa/dunai if i get this thing to the point of needing physics, since its timing+integration code could be interesting there, but just for menu stuff, yeah, i'm gonna just do something simpler

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like all the examples i can find for any kind of frp library are either 1. trivial or 2. designed to be compiled to javascript, and neither of those are really that useful

like tbh i still haven't found a good answer for "what's the idiomatic FRP way to open and close a menu" which kind of suggests to me that the whole thing is not a good idea to use for input handling

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man i still genuinely can't tell how you're supposed to use any of this FRP stuff sigh

i think in practice you wouldn't want to just blindly merge two event processors tho; you'd actually want to run one, see if it generated a response, and then only if it didn't run the other one. but still,

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it is nice to be working in haskell again where i can do bullshit like this continuously

also FRP seems incredibly ill-suited to real-time programs-with-input ughh

maybe i'll just hack together something using reactivebanana since nothing else seems better + that's the library i know how to use mostly

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like if nothing else, using javascript you can be rendering some stuff on the screen immediately, but if you wanna render some stuff in haskell using some fancy rendering & frp stuff well hope you understand the totality of what yr trying to do and can write all that code before anything works

definitely frustrated w/ code right now. admittedly half of that is just like, yeah you gotta write a simple shader, and set up your gl context, and write some file-loading code and image-loading code&c&c

are there any good arrowized FRP libraries for haskell

i'm looking at yampa right now but it looks a little involved

the problem w/ doing javascript stuff is that i immediately want to do 3d stuff instead

i really gotta rig up a version of my haskell code that's actually like, robust to arbitrary rendering. just slice away all of the super complex labyrinths i make for myself so i can easily render some stuff

or i guess accept using webgl, but, probably not that

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