also in other news i posted a new prerelease for the new hive 1.1 over on patreon & i guess i'll link it here in a month or so

though tbh it's also made me reflect on how _i_ probably can't construct a decent plotline b/c all i ever do is write porn oneshots

clearly i gotta write a porn epic

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i've been reading a bunch of progression fantasy stuff recently and this is not going to really come as a surprise to anybody but it turns out a plot that's entirely "this person gets stronger" isn't actually particularly compelling. this is like curtainsfic for people who like to see numbers go up in rpgs

for debugging purposes i made a passage that dumps out the text of every other passage, so i could actually track down syntax errors, and it turns out yeah there's a lot of text in this game

also checking the wordcount and huh it still feels like i haven't really added much actual content for version 1.1 but that's a solid 50k of new scenes compared to the initial release

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so 'the new hive' 1.1 has multiple save slots and sex scene tracking and i was kind of considering just having a debug mode that lets you immediately jump to (or at least print out) any sex scene in the game, b/c uhhh the game is like 330k words at this point and i don't really begrudge anybody having to play through x amount of Game Stuff in order to get to one highly-specific sex scene. probably wouldn't be that difficult to add, given i already have code that lists out all the sex scenes.

i think i've identified the part where i immediately drop out of any friends at the table series and it's when they start doing in-character dialog. just, no tolerance for improv dialog and voices.

i gotta get back to work on my non-porn game stuff b/c tbh that's probably a better lens to focus all my ideas through than _just_ porn stuff. but like, giant queer monsters still show up a lot there too since it turns out the porn stuff isn't actually uniquely focused on weird monsters. how shocking.

the thing that always gets me is that 'splatterhouse', you know, 'splatterhouse' the brawler game for the xbox 360, has graphic fully-animated fisting/prolapse scenes, and it's got an ESRB rating of M

because it's fisting as part of a kill animation where you rip somebody's guts out. thats okay then.

i delete my youtube cookies every so often to reset its recommendations. for a while i was trying to get it to focus in on game programming recommendations but after it just started giving me university talks on how to run a nuclear reactor i kind of gave up, b/c it turns out the youtube recommendation engine isn't actually very fine-grained

games kinda have an 'exploration' period and a 'mopping up' period and i've never really enjoyed the mopping up (i am extremely not a completionist) but the thing is when i go to replay a game i still remember how all the big gameplay beats go, so it ends up immediately just being 'mopping up' again

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playing basically nothing but minecraft for the past like, several years has really given me a skewed expectation for how much gameplay i can extract from a game. what do you mean i remember all the dungeons and how to fight everything in dragon's dogma

@dansup hey, did that tumblr-clone skin for pixelfed ever happen? i vaguely remember you saying it was gonna get spun off to be its own thing or something?

i can't believe the qanon people are still going

i think that board is like 10x more active now than it was during the trump presidency. which i guess makes sense in a way?

i'm running into this weird issue with dragon's dogma where it only detects my controller when it's _not_ plugged in. presumably this has something to do with joystick devices and cached configs

there's this code treadmill of writing something, using it for a while, identifying issues, rewriting it with better code, that you can repeat forever without ever making any progress past this one system you're polishing to a sheen, and to avoid that i was like "i will simply not rewrite all my code even when it sucks" but that has another consequence, namely, that my code is really starting to be a tangled mess in a few places.

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i've been struggling with / frustrated by this one code issue for the past two weeks and i finally figured out what the root issue is after trying a bunch of things that turned out to not be relevant, and now it's gone from being a mysterious code problem to being a natural consequence of my bad code organization, which, on the whole, is at least something with a known solution

are there any places to host a git repo that aren't github?

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