also still not over academic IF/queer gamedev people mostly having no clue that text porn games exist and have a huge community

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idk, i have a chip on my shoulder about having no official certifications for anything, but i always get surprised at the lack of like... deep, meaningful insights? not that they're bad talks, but like... yeah this could be a fairly brief blog post.

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these convention talks are so surreal to me b/c they're frequently by people with lots of rl credentials, who have careers in academia, who have published books, etc, and then they go over stuff that i consider like, "this is an entry-level tutorial on this technical/design topic"

oh yeah also i posted some more fic prompts to ao3 recently -- (extremely nsfw)

i've been kinda trying to plow through a bunch of old/half-finished stuff to finally get some of my backlog finished, and i've been having some uh partial success with that. always more stuff to write i guess

i think this has something to do with me not correctly clearing the spare buffer list, or something like that, leading to the same buffer getting used for different chunks & thus all but one of the chunks having its geometry overwritten with the 'wrong' geometry. still haven't figured out how + why it's happening specifically though

my definition of 'horny' probably differs some from the mainstream but monsters are usually horny in several ways

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i'm looking through this e-conference (for writing/gamedev stuff -- i signed up for b/c somebody i follow on twitter is giving a talk there and yeah that seems about right

sigh i really wish all social media these days wasn't either completely absorbed by Big Tech or a barren, unused wasteland

anyway i downloaded the homestuck archive and they have a specific link to the con-air bunny back in the box scene. this is homestuck as it was always intended.

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like forget about all those flash walkabouts that are now 20 pages of screenshots, or all the animations replaced with youtube videos; what about all those act 6 photo-branches that loop around and link to each other?

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remember when hussie was always like "homestuck will read much better to the archival reader than the serial reader"

hows that homestuck archive now

ugh my tablet pen is finally starting to utterly give out. problem: its a intuos 2 pen and they have stopped even making replacement pens for that. its a perfectly serviceable tablet still, but if this pen finally dies i'd be staring down a $400 new tablet even though the tablet still works fine :|

tbh i miss tumblr as a place where 1. i had an audience and 2. i could post about just about anything and get at least one or two responses. but welp

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sometimes i get the desire to have a discord for my monster porn gamedev stuff but the main issue with that is then i'd have to moderate a porn discord

can somebody who knows more css+javascript transition stuff explain why the slide transition works as intended except for the very first time it runs?

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back on my bullshit again etc

i don't really know why i keep coming back to this specific conceptualization of 'combat'. i guess i keep thinking i can work out the mechanical issues

i was vaguely thinking about what a game like that would look like and it's basically just hell game. hell game with a village location. yeah probably not gonna do that.

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i'm playing hellpoint again and as usual it's making me really want some kind of complicated village sim merged w/ a soulslike. with hot demons & abyss monsters, in this case.

hellpoint actually has this weird thing where you get step into the nightmare realm and talk to the big endgame boss monsters and they give you a quest but 1. it's not an interesting quest and 2. it's just that one quest and you still have to kill them later

> The literal-minded fans are Funes the memory man, able to identify every Star Wars character and their backstory in perfect detail, with no ability to step back and ask themselves why a story about rebelling against an empire makes people feel so good, and whether they should think about that next time they put forth an opinion on Black Lives Matter.

yea basically

the worst thing that anybody could do would be to transgress against social taboos; those are all there for really good reasons you know.

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