i was going to say "i'm amazed people have actually written code in this" except ofc nobody actually writes in nock, & any existing hoon impls don't actually implement nock, so it's just kind of there as the foundational bedrock of the language despite being utterly pointless

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i had never read the actual nock spec but uhhh 1. it specifies its only atomic elements are lists and natural numbers and 2. its only arithmetic operator is `+`

no subtraction allowed!!

well i added some stuff to the rhombic dodecahedron page and have produced a honeycomb that doesn't have a wikipedia page so i'm calling that a success
(it's not like, interesting or anything, it's just a rectification, but since i use rectified hex grids all over i was hoping the rectified rhombic dodecahedral honeycomb would be nice to look at, but it's not, oh well that's math sometimes)

i hope you can level up yr horse-goat in elden ring tho

legend of mana is still a very good game tho

uh i mean aside from the transgender serial killer questline. that part isn't good.

anyway somebody in one of the code channels i'm in mentioned rhombic dodecahedral honeycombs and that made me dig up my old code & try to explain how it worked. but since there's like no reference material for that stuff online i figured i should try to write it up in a more permanent way, so, i put this together: tzaphiriron.sidemoon.net/code/

it's still a work in progress but i think it communicates the basics

in further freenode news, there's more marketing trash on the frontpage + some random person was spoofing nickserv logging people's login attempts for a while b/c they don't know how to run an irc server, and then they were like "uhhh the person that did that was a bot we put up. we mean, that person is our new staff member. don't ask when we put them on staff".

i mean i'm sure freenode will have _some_ userbase b/c i guess 8chan users will use it now, i guess, but,,,

anyway that's why i stubbornly refuse to implement any kind of hp-based fighting mechanic in any of the games i work on even if all my other mechanics are pretty garbage

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but like, why not have hundreds of games in that genre, to the point where there are entire subgenres based on minute mechanical differences

(like i think violence in games is overdone, just because i think the mechanics people use to represent violence are overdone. try something in a different mechanical space! there are infinite possibilities! oh wait i guess people are just making a bunch of action-rpgs again, i guess.)

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tbh i get resentful of game genres b/c it just underlines how overwhelmingly overpacked the action/rpg/shooter space is (think of the huge genre distinctions between doom-style fps vs. halo-style vs. gears-of-war style when all that's really been changed is number of weapons, regeneratating heath, and the concept of cover) and then conversely how incredibly barren like everything else is. i would like, like, a _single_ modern game done in the style of suikoden. (eiyuden chronicle counts i guess)

most hype for elden ring for it to accidentally contain a whole mess of dark souls 3 cut content or w/e

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tbh i wish more people were hacking huge game companies and releasing their game source

god knows that's the only way any of that will ever be preserved

like at some point i realized that nearly all of the haskell gamedev stuff i've seen people posting about has been like, either incredibly simple 2d proof-of-concept games or things like renderers, so i'm kind of in a unique position to actually talk about all the junk i threw together to get a mostly-working game engine. i just gotta, you know, add enough polish that it's not actively embarrassing to post about

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like at this point i want to do a deep dive on working on my _actual_ big code project, but i want to go into that after having finished up some loose ends w/ other writing (by which i mean more of the wip porn fanfic). but that's like, listen chakra contamination could have as many chapters as i could write for it, so maybe trying to finish it before moving on to other stuff isn't the best idea

so i'm splitting the difference by working on twine game demos that i don't intend to ever finish :V

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link to wip porn project 

well i'm still working on this


this mostly adds battle square stuff and a bunch of monsterfucking intros. fun fact i think this is the first time i've written actual bestiality instead just, you know, monsters and demons and aliens and the like.

twitter has started recommending me topics but since they're all marketing terms they can't just say "gay porn artists" and so i end up getting random gay porn surfaced under categories like 'comics' 'concept art'

like how facebook tries to codify "the social graph" but because they don't want to add marketing-negative terms all the social edges are like, "dating", "coworkers", "friends", and not "stalker" "harassment target" even tho those are extremely real and accurate interaction targets

also this has flooded my author page with terrible junk so i guess i gotta post or update six fics soon in order to push all that down

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i just posted a whole mess of ancient fanfic i wrote when i was 16-18 to ao3 and oooof yeah it's embarrassing to even glance over that stuff

archival is important though even if it's old terrible porn fanfiction

(it's archiveofourown.org/series/234 if you're interested, but, oof that's rough)

welp that sure is an ant colony forming under some plastic trays i left out on the balcony 😬

sorry ants

sigh the part of gamedev/writing where i have way more ideas than i have capacity to create in a timely fashion kind of sucks. i have no clue how other people manage to keep to schedules

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