Sick and tired of relying on using Google Translate/DeepL/SYSTRAN/$$$Corp for language translation? It's time to build the free software alternative! Read my brain dump on if that sounds interesting. Help Needed! :anarchistflagblack: :yayblob: :anarchistflagblack:


@decentral1se which free software is going to pay for the massive datacentres and the access to huge machine learning corpora and trained RNNs that make language translation anything other than laughable shit?

@decentral1se it's not that i don't incredibly like this idea; it's just that like many many good ideas it basically requires that we expropriate google first.

it mainly confuses me that people aren't more focused on unstealing (ie returning to the commons) the science, technology and privileged network access that google has proprietised over the last two decades.

@decentral1se anyway, was a good proposal. sorry, didn't mean to be disparaging.

i'm just less keen on reduplication of effort than i am keen on megacorporations having eternal rent-seeking profiteering powers over a common good.

we don't need tensor flow LAN parties. they work has been done. we need access to the fruits of that work.

@xeb All good. Unstealing is not a bad approach and I don't rule it out but I find you put more resources into upgrading ability to steal vs. building stable foundations. I agree that we need access to work done, most would. From the 'homebrew' perspective (see, the LAN party is a nice way I could think of to pool resources. It's just a idea and a first step. I want to attempt to co-build an alternative now and not wait around for the rev TBH :)

@xeb @decentral1se you don't know how far we can get unless we try.

Also if it can be done distributedly somehow probably desktops can come pretty close?

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