Just a reminder that we have zero trackers on our website.

We believe that any privacy-focused company should not use any 3rd party analytics.

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@xeovo @skobkin

You don't need trackers on front page if you tracking data inside vpn.

@fgntfg @skobkin True, but we don't log or track our customers. That's not our business model.

Talk is cheap, that's why we are planning to get audited by a 3rd party in the future.

@xeovo @skobkin
It's also easy to hide tracking for audition.

I dont get this obsession with vpns. There is no additional value in connection via vpn to internet.

@fgntfg @skobkin

True, but don't forget that it's a security audit, which also will show how well protected the product is.

There is value. It just depends. You might not need it, but other people do.

@fgntfg @skobkin
For example:

1. Circumventing censorship or geographical blocks on websites and content.

2. Prevent ISPs and mobile network operators from tracking the domains and IPs you visit.

3. Keeping some control over your privacy. They hide your IP address from websites you visit and peer-to-peer nodes you connect to.

There are more use cases, but we just posted the most important ones.

@xeovo @skobkin
For 1 there are plenty cheaper ways.
For 2 - no one cares if you like to jerk on weird stuff until it is not pedo
For 3 - you may hop from ip to ip, but still login with your gmail account. This ip switcheroo without proper «hygiene» is even harmful, because gives you false feel of security.

If FBI or KGB knoks at your HQ with questions about your users will you gave everything or rather go to jail?

@fgntfg @skobkin

1. Cheaper does not always mean better. Sure, you can deploy yourself VPN, but I doubt it would be cheaper and have access to the same amount of countries. Thus you need to maintain it.

Or you can use Tor for free, but it comes with speed problems, captchas, and some websites just ban the whole Tor network.

2. You are basically saying "I have nothing to hide" here. Don't forget that ISP companies got caught selling customers data numerous times.

3. Yes, that's true.

@fgntfg @skobkin
Regarding your last question. We have no data to share with anyone.

@xeovo @skobkin this conversation may go on and on. I dont want to argue with you forever.

Until you providing your services for cash - your users can be traced. And no matter where or what you do or don't log. You have authentication, authorisation and accounting. Thats more than enough.
Anonymity on internet with easy to use service is impossible.

@fgntfg @skobkin Understandable, have a nice day!

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P.S We do accept payments in all major cryptocurrencies.

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